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We Can Elude Control

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here’s my vid of Russell:


additional blog… The Psyphonaut

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the psyphonaut
exploring territory between art, science fiction, and altered states of consciousness through electronic music.

(this additional blog will be the home for my audio tributes to sci-fi art. all the pieces will be uploaded to YouTube as videos)

MAX EXPO74 New York Oct 2011

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The Cycling74 MAX Expo74 was announced in April and I’ve been wondering how to get to it, it’s in New York…

I’ve been granted £800 via three different funds (staff development, CB’s Material Digital Culture Centre and the School research funding), so I have to top up the rest myself, but I will be going to NY – I’ve paid for my registration

I’m thinking of proposing a Science Fair thing, showing a couple of third year students work and talkig about my teaching methods etc.

Here’s some videos from the previous Expo from 2009:

busy but got the mac to do some processing for me ;)

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managed to get round to making one of these 800% stretch tracks…
this: Justin Bieber track stretched to 800% is amazing, i got an email sent to me about it around august last year.
so here’s my take on the paulstretch approach:

i used paulstretch from here:
i have an hour long version of the track on my hd, for the youtube version i downloaded the video and popped it on the timeline in FCP, stertched it out to match the fully stretched version. then just chopped out a bit to export.
happy days!
the Bieber one has had over 1 million hits in about 6 months, mine got 150+ in 36 hours, so that was interesting.
i uploaded it to the paulstretch soundcloud group too:

Shruthi-1 with MAX controller by EATYone

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here’s a quick video of my first test with EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta interface.
running from my mac via midisport 2×2 into mutable instruments Shruthi-1.
it allows for control over all the audio editing parameters.
signal from the Shruthi-1 is running through my Roland RE201 Space Echo too.

here’s a follow-up vid where i got a bit of a track together:

First test where i managed to get Numerology running my Shruthi-1 and sending a MIDI clock signal out through my phil rees MDS MIDI to DIN Sync24 controlling the Roland TR808 and TB303.
There’s a little bit of effects via a Roland RE201 Space Echo and Roland SBF 325 Flanger Chorus.
The Shruthi-1’s audio settings are controlled via EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta MAX patch.
Next step for me is to get my Kenton Control Freak controlling the MAX patch…

here’s the mutable instruments forum thread where the MAX patch came from:


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continuing on from this post:
and after a really good chat with NC yesterday about my work, and things i’m interested in, i’m going to make more of these tribute soundscapes.
we talked about getting some conf/estival proposals together (need to do one on monday), and went through various things i’d been doing. the video above came up as a ‘oh, yeah, i’ve been doing this as well..’ comment.
i keep on buying old sci-fi art related books and just re-visited this website for sci-fi art:
there’s a couple of flickr related streams from sci-fi-o-rama too:
kieran kelly has good taste!
i’ll create another one or two of these sci-fi-scapes and pass them on to him, using some images from either his collection or my own as source inspiration.

oh, and here’s the penguin book/lp cover remixes that i forgot about from a while ago:
and here’s a flickr group with some good stuff:

i need to come up with some kind of title for the project work i am on with, so after a bit of brain exploring, hunting online, looking at my books and dvds, etc etc etc…
i have come up with an interim title: Beyond The Space Worm.
i think it sounds like it’s straight out of a Gatchaman episode!!!
but it also reminds me of Dune and other stuff.
this stuff by Bruce Pennington comes to mind (as he did the cover art for the Dune books i have somewhere)

Shruthi-1 correctly built and an example :)

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i finally sorted out the issues with my Shruthi-1 (i had soldered some resitors in to the wrong places… see previous posts), so i could finish off the tuning and hook it up to something other than the faulty midi controller kbd from work.
this is the first step for me to control the machine through MAX.
the audio midi set-up was ok, i just had to think back a few years to the last time i bothered with midi…
then, after having a look at some midi patches in MAX, came across this scaler.maxpat in the ‘max tricks’ folder.