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DIY Micro Video Transmitter

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CC and i went to London to take part in this:

it was CCs first time soldering, the soldering technique used to make the unit was really basic!
we just melted solder onto copper board and copper pads to then drop the components on to…

there was a range of people at the event, some appeared to have built stuff before, others perhaps not.
the build was easy and the results were interesting.

click the picture to visit the flickr gallery:

here’s kyle who ran the workshop:

this is what the project is based on:


Shruthi-1 with MAX controller by EATYone

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here’s a quick video of my first test with EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta interface.
running from my mac via midisport 2×2 into mutable instruments Shruthi-1.
it allows for control over all the audio editing parameters.
signal from the Shruthi-1 is running through my Roland RE201 Space Echo too.

here’s a follow-up vid where i got a bit of a track together:

First test where i managed to get Numerology running my Shruthi-1 and sending a MIDI clock signal out through my phil rees MDS MIDI to DIN Sync24 controlling the Roland TR808 and TB303.
There’s a little bit of effects via a Roland RE201 Space Echo and Roland SBF 325 Flanger Chorus.
The Shruthi-1’s audio settings are controlled via EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta MAX patch.
Next step for me is to get my Kenton Control Freak controlling the MAX patch…

here’s the mutable instruments forum thread where the MAX patch came from:

Trevor Pinch’s Modular synth

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check the link!

…and whilst i’m at it, it’s worth posting this too:
Discovering Electronic Music Parts 1, 2 & 3.

Don Maitz Catchworld tribute video

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i just finished a recording which i have also added the Don Maitz image to in FCP.
it’s up on youtube, so here’s the finished thing…

had a good fiddle about with the audio, and managed to get some interesting feedback loops going on:
the Roland SPV-355 (pitch to voltage synth) was being used as an FX send and received raw, pitched down (from the Boss RPS-10 Pitch Shifter), and Ringmodded/AutoPanned DroneLab audio. i also had my MFOS Weird Sound Gen being modulated by the SH09. all this was being fed into the Space Echo and the Stereo Flanger, with a little bit of JX-3P for additional undercurrents…
as i was setting all this up, i really did have the image in mind that i have used in the video, so i’d say this was, to me, proper space music.

now i need to end my day with another space movie (watched Sunshine last night, could do with Event Horizon tonight…)

here’s the track on soundcloud:

untitled 090909# & untitled 090909# B_RunnerJXvrsn

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these two tracks were made in response to the sleeve design i made up in photoshop.
the sleeve is made from scans from old, and nicely worn, record sleeves (human resource ‘dominator’ and black sabbath ‘we sold our soul for rock and roll’), and an image scanned from roger deans ‘views’ of the back cover from a uriah heep lp (p69).
here’s the finished image:

and here’s the first audio track, made into a video and posted on youtube:

i also posted a follow-up version with added synth washes, ‘untitled 090909# B_RunnerJXvrsn’.