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Christmas Eve sci-fi book cover track

Posted in artwork, music, sci-fi book with tags , , , , , , on 24/12/2010 by sync24

made another track for a book cover:

happy xmas


untitled 090909# & untitled 090909# B_RunnerJXvrsn

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these two tracks were made in response to the sleeve design i made up in photoshop.
the sleeve is made from scans from old, and nicely worn, record sleeves (human resource ‘dominator’ and black sabbath ‘we sold our soul for rock and roll’), and an image scanned from roger deans ‘views’ of the back cover from a uriah heep lp (p69).
here’s the finished image:

and here’s the first audio track, made into a video and posted on youtube:

i also posted a follow-up version with added synth washes, ‘untitled 090909# B_RunnerJXvrsn’.