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additional blog… The Psyphonaut

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the psyphonaut
exploring territory between art, science fiction, and altered states of consciousness through electronic music.

(this additional blog will be the home for my audio tributes to sci-fi art. all the pieces will be uploaded to YouTube as videos)



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continuing on from this post:
and after a really good chat with NC yesterday about my work, and things i’m interested in, i’m going to make more of these tribute soundscapes.
we talked about getting some conf/estival proposals together (need to do one on monday), and went through various things i’d been doing. the video above came up as a ‘oh, yeah, i’ve been doing this as well..’ comment.
i keep on buying old sci-fi art related books and just re-visited this website for sci-fi art:
there’s a couple of flickr related streams from sci-fi-o-rama too:
kieran kelly has good taste!
i’ll create another one or two of these sci-fi-scapes and pass them on to him, using some images from either his collection or my own as source inspiration.

oh, and here’s the penguin book/lp cover remixes that i forgot about from a while ago:
and here’s a flickr group with some good stuff:

i need to come up with some kind of title for the project work i am on with, so after a bit of brain exploring, hunting online, looking at my books and dvds, etc etc etc…
i have come up with an interim title: Beyond The Space Worm.
i think it sounds like it’s straight out of a Gatchaman episode!!!
but it also reminds me of Dune and other stuff.
this stuff by Bruce Pennington comes to mind (as he did the cover art for the Dune books i have somewhere)