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BEAM 2011 – Friday night

Posted in conferences, culture, links, research with tags , , on 25/06/2011 by sync24

Quick post about the performances on the Friday night of BEAM.

DJ Sniff from STEIM – not my bag, i got bored with the scratching and repetition from his machines… it went on toooo long.

Alex Nowitz from STEIM – using Wii motes he was transforming his amazing and versitle voice. It was as if he was using the WiiMotes to capture his voice and then navigate the sample with his genstures affecting playback and processing. again, it went on toooo long.

A Drummer who had responded to the Open Call – imagine mic’ing up a stairway with various types of microphones, connecting them up to a MAX patch which recorded samples here and there and processed them for out-put, then kicking a drum kit down it. enjoyable madness, which needed a groove, and went on a bit toooo long…

Ryan Jordan
(the only one worthy of a link) – Fantastic! he’s straight in to the ‘hero’ list. Inscense, strobe lights, black metal face paint, biofeedback and TV noise, all really LOUD!. Fucking brilliant!
here’s a link to watch an earlier performance of Channeling Interference:
Here’s a pic too:

Stelarc and an opera singer – yeah, i’d have been chuffed to see Stelarc about 20 years ago. this performance was boring, opera singer sampled Stelarc avatar voice sounds, whilst the drummer from earlier went random on his kit, again… and it sounded the same.

Final performance was from Chikashi Miyama – he has these micro controller boxes he’d built with infra red light sensors sensing the position of his hands. not really my thing – entertaining to watch though as Chikashi was full of energy and produced lots of crazy noises. His final piece was my fave as it was very atmospheric.