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stg Sea Devils Filter – Eurorack…

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just grabbed an stg Sea Devils Filter from muffs too!

here’s the blurb from the above page:
“A three pole diode ladder lowpass filter with voltage controlled resonance.
There are two famous 3 pole diode ladder lowpass filters. One of them was in a little silver box of a synthesizer with integrated sequencer that was used to make “acid tracks” and the other one was in a big suitcase of a synthesizer with a silver faceplate and semi-integrated sequencer that was used to make tracks while on acid. This is the latter. We’re not going to name any names here but let’s hope we don’t have to mention any voltage controlled studios or electronic music studios to establish the lineage of this filter topology.
We can’t promise this thing will make sea devils appear on your lawn or models of airplanes fly from one side of the stage to the other, crashing into a papier mache sun at the end of your song, so please don’t be offended if these things fail to happen while using the filter- presuming you want to own one.”

and here’s a pic:


Plague Bearer – my first eurorack module

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just grabbed a flight of harmony Plague Bearer from muffs!

here’s the blurb from the above web page:
“What is the Plague Bearer?
The Plague Bearer is called a filter, but that is just a description of the circuit topology, what it can actually do goes way beyond that. It has been described as a filter, a waveshaper, a mangler, a crusher, and – my favorite – as an “FSU module”.
I think calling it a filter may be a bit misleading, but I have no idea what else to call it. It is a filter, but it does more (all at the same time, really) excessive phase shifting, waveforming, ringing, formant generation, and so on. I guess it could be called a waveform modifier or enhancer, but those don’t sound good either. I nameed it the Plague Bearer for a reason.
If you are looking for technical synthophile specs you are out of luck here. All f(h) devices are designed in accordance with how they sound, not to achieve mathematical perfection. The most common question I receive is, “what is the filter slope?”
Honestly, I never measured that. I specifically avoided the conventional approach while I was designing this circuit, so it’s very problematic to try to describe this filter in the normal terms. The slope is directly tied to the gain of the circuit, making it variable, and the Q is affected by all three filter controls. The setup is actually a combined High- and Low-pass. The corner frequencies are adjusted by the controls and can be overlapped completely, which gives a comb-filtering effect.”

and here’s a pic:

some new tracks…

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i’ve managed to make two more tracks to send to E&R.
They’re close but not deep enough, i’ve been using the ESX with the Roland gear too, so it’s a bit of a learning process – integrating the two control formats, but i need to do some reorganising of the studio set-up to get things comfortable to use.

These tracks have also been added to a number of Soundcloud groups with the hope gaining additional exposure…

the main thing i need to do, along with making stuff to upload, is to spend time listening to tracks and contributing comments. TiME is my enemy (or is that work…?)

use of one of my tracks…. :)

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I have been asked by a Soundcloud user, willow, if he can use my binaural storm recording from 26.06 in one of his tracks. It’s a good atmospheric piece with my rain storm in the background.
here it is:

edit: it’s now the first track on BLOCK E By Wilk Kick here:
and here he is on Soundcloud:

here’s my original recording:


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managed to make some bits on my Korg ESX and have passed them on to Riccardo & Emanuele, i just wish i had more time to keep up with working on stuff…
here’s an excerpt of what i sent:

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Via my tracks on Soundcloud, I have been contacted by Riccardo and Emanuele from who like my ‘analog flavour’!!
they’ve asked if i am interested in doing an EP for their label…
i need to get some stuff done for them, i pointed out the difficulties because of work, so maybe i’ll have some time over Easter to get into it.

DX 200…!

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The DX200 sounds great, but the main data knob doesn’t work properly, it’s a bit hard to cycle through all the options to get to where you need to be. i’ll take it to Gerald and get it sorted.
It sounds great, though. it has an old software editor bundled with it – it needs Mac OS9… so i’ll need to get the old G3 Pismo out to have a look at this. Sounds are pretty editable, though, the manual (which is written in a ‘down-with-the-kids’ way) is a bit annoying, but points out users should find synth sounds they want to work with which are within the presets, and then adapt them to their own ends. you can program beats as well as the FM synth, and all the sounds are editable. it’s just a little bit quirky, but i’m used to that with the old Roland gear.
I’ll get the data knob sorted and try and get some use and integration out of this thing.