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Shruthi-1 in Sound On Sound

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GorF kit ordered – of course i didn’t win :)

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Vacoloco has got all the parts in for the GorF kits so i have got mine ordered.
I’m looking forward to this as it looks like a nice little unit and should breathe life into my Shruthi-1.
I’ll be able to connect it up to the rest of my gear – korg sampler, and midi to din sync – so i can get the full selection of machines running.

win a GorF competition entered…

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For a little while i’ve been keeping an eye on vacoloco’s website ( as he offers kits of various midi things – the important one for me being the GorF.
GorF is a tiny midi sequencer which i could get hooked up to my Shruthi-1 so i can get some use out of it (it tends to just sit around looking nice, but rarely gets switched on).

vacoloco has released completed versions of one of his own synths and is gearing up to make the GorF kits available again soon, so i’ve been hounding him šŸ™‚
on his facebook page there’s a competition to win an assembled GorF so i have submitted the following track (i wont win!):

Korg Electribe ESX-1

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Bought a Korg Electribe ESX-1!
there’s been some BS around the model though – the ebay seller said it was the newer version, priced it accordingly, but it was the older oneā€¦ so i’ve been done out of around Ā£100ā€¦
Beware stubborn ebay sellers who think they know what they’re talking about and are not prepared to even consider the evidenceā€¦

Anyway, i have a sample sequencer and will try and integrate it into my set-up via midi and dinsync convertors.

getting MIDI…

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i’ve decided on the best MIDI controller to get.
as i’ve mentioned before, the Shruthi-1 could get used more if i had some midi controller for it, plus i could do with learning some midi software so i can control more things…
so, i grabbed a Korg MicroKontrol off eBay and have been having a play about with the Shruthi-1 and controlling sample playback etc in some X software.

here’s a fiddle i made using the X software:

quick midi grumble/a happy ending

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i don’t like midi.
maybe i’m doing something wrong, but i just don’t like it.
i’ve been looking at MAX to start making something to control my shruti-1. i must be too tired or something because i can’t muster up any enthusiasm. it’s making me dislike the shruti too.
i always forget about it, but i bought it especially because it works like old step sequencers, ones i like to use.
i have had it set up with my kenton control freak and controlled note on the sh09 via the mpu101.
so really, i should think about hooking up midi>din sync controlling 808/303/606/202 and shuffle box, while i get numerology talking to 101/09/pvSynth via the mpu101. and try and use the kenton just for the sake of it.
i could even try and use the monome in there too, somewhere…
monome+numerology(plus MAX)
ok, ‘need to look through jimfive12’s videos and get back into numerology…
tutorials here:
and some more stuff on youtube:
here’s a pic to jazz things up too:

‘feel better about this now.

Shruthi-1 correctly built and an example :)

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i finally sorted out the issues with my Shruthi-1 (i had soldered some resitors in to the wrong places… see previous posts), so i could finish off the tuning and hook it up to something other than the faulty midi controller kbd from work.
this is the first step for me to control the machine through MAX.
the audio midi set-up was ok, i just had to think back a few years to the last time i bothered with midi…
then, after having a look at some midi patches in MAX, came across this scaler.maxpat in the ‘max tricks’ folder.