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Posted in creative practice, midi, music with tags , , , on 04/04/2012 by sync24

managed to make some bits on my Korg ESX and have passed them on to Riccardo & Emanuele, i just wish i had more time to keep up with working on stuff…
here’s an excerpt of what i sent:


Korg Electribe ESX-1

Posted in creative practice, gear, midi, music with tags , , , , on 28/01/2012 by sync24

Bought a Korg Electribe ESX-1!
there’s been some BS around the model though – the ebay seller said it was the newer version, priced it accordingly, but it was the older one… so i’ve been done out of around £100…
Beware stubborn ebay sellers who think they know what they’re talking about and are not prepared to even consider the evidence…

Anyway, i have a sample sequencer and will try and integrate it into my set-up via midi and dinsync convertors.

getting more MIDI….

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what’s wrong with me…? I won another MIDI thing yesterday on ebay and am serious about getting something else!

Here’s my latest aquisition:

A Yamaha DX200 groovebox style synth module.
It’s what I’ve been wanting for ages but not really investigated, probably because of the MIDI thing.
Anyway, I’ve been looking online at sites discussing these things and it’s clearly a decent little unit – loads of FM synthesis, DX7 style.
Here’s some links:

The other thing I’ve been looking at is the Korg Electribe ESX-1 SD. Another groovebox style thing, for playing around with samples. There appears to be little communities around these units, so, as with other things i have worked with (The Roland stuff, the Shruthi-1 and the Dronelab) it’d be interesting to make some music and contribute to these groups via Soundcloud and maybe some forums…

Here’s a pic of the Electribe thing:

and some links…

getting MIDI…

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i’ve decided on the best MIDI controller to get.
as i’ve mentioned before, the Shruthi-1 could get used more if i had some midi controller for it, plus i could do with learning some midi software so i can control more things…
so, i grabbed a Korg MicroKontrol off eBay and have been having a play about with the Shruthi-1 and controlling sample playback etc in some X software.

here’s a fiddle i made using the X software: