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BEAM 2011 – Tom Bugs WOM Workshop

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Had a great session at BEAM today!
Made the Tom Bugs WOM – Workshop Oscillator Machine.
Here’s the workshop link (again).

Tom was great! He led the workshop in a really interesting and entertaining way –
He went through the basics of how the WOM worked, talking to us about what the different components were for and what they did.
He then talked to us about hwo to solder and let us get on with building.
As he says, the kits are really straigh forward, the BOM is clear and you can match all the parts up with the board just by being logical.
I got mine finished nice a quickly, then helped the chap I was sat next to.

Its a fun sounding machine on its own, the little speaker is ok for testing and the contact points along the bottom of the board are a laugh!
I really like how the ‘power starve’ works, to a certain extent it simulates the battery going flat, there’s also a ‘stabilser’ option for it.
The little postcard sized machine sounds really beefy through a PA too, so once i get home i’ll have to add it to my other gear and see what i can make of it.

Tom had also brought along one of his modular systems, so I had a go on it and made a load of crap…
‘need more practice with those things.


Shruthi-1 update

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…so i had the trim pot the other way round for the screen, that’s why there was nothing.
wound the trimmer the other way and plugged it all in – happy days!!!
it all works, though i got two trimpots in the wrong places…
…and my desoldering pump is crap so i can’t get them out.
started another post:
//after reading the reply, i’ve decided to leave things as they are, put everything in the case and get to grips with understanding the machine without calibrating it for now.
here’s the filter build and calibration page anyway:
and here’s the instructions for now:

Shruthi-1 build

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‘spent today making my Shruthi-1 kit.
managed to end up with one spare resistor (?) and the screen doesn’t work.
oh, and i put two trimpots in the wrong places.
and forgot one resistor (which i have added now).
anyway, it does make a noise, but i can’t control anything cos the screen doesn’t show me what i’m doing. argh!
here’s the post on the Shruthi-1 forum:
and i’ll post some pics when i have it in it’s lovely case with the sync24 logo engraved on it!!!!
in the meantime…

Shufflebox – build

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so i though it’d be a good idea to get back into making stuff again as i’ve spent toooo long not getting my research plan sorted out. i also need to get ready to build the Dronelab!!!
so i knocked up the Shufflebox kit i got from here:
kaspar is a nice chap who made the kit and after playing with TechnoBox ( for too long on my iPhone, i really need a bit of swing on REAL machines!!!
i don’t have any build pics and there’s only one pic i’ve taken since, so here you are:

ha ha!! it’s not even the whole thing in the piccy…
anyway, it works fine, i got my 808 shuffling, then my 606.
happy days.
the build was easy, really straightforward, kaspar had even emailed me to let me know about a component swap, the instructions on his website are spot-on and the little thing does its magic with out a worry!!!
i just need to get some kind of house for it (i made a LEGO box for it but it wasn’t right).

[timewarp]atari punk console build[/timewarp]

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ok, so it was January 8th 2010 and i decided to build my second atari punk console…
i had managed to forget about posting my first one on here, which i must have made around october, ooops!
here it is anyway:

here’s the innards – had to cover the metal parts so they didn’t conduct…

i think its a pretty brutal sounding beast, REALLY nasty!
not sure how much i actually like the sound of it, tbh. bloomin easy to put together though.
had a laugh putting it in the tin and wondering why it didn’t work properly…
oh, yeah, solder sitting on metal – that’s going to conduct electricity isn’t it.
so i wrapped it all up in masking tape and all is well.
snip: yep, here’s a post from when i built it:
it seems to switch itself off and back on a again after a short while, i don’t really care though, it has a life of its own.

anyway, the version above uses two 555 timing chips and i wanted to build my next one with the double version of the 555, whatever it’s called…
so below is about as far as i got before term started and things ground to a crawl, again.

i’ll get this finished at some point, i’m sure.
woo, yep, it has an LED on it too!

Atari Punk Console stuff

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ok, after the joy of the WSG build i want to try a simpler build that doesn’t rely on buying a load of stuff from the states etc…
the Atari Punk Console looks perfect for this and i have a load of the correct IC chips from that teach yerself lectronics kit i bought and got bored of… it was a good purchase, just the projects are a bit dull, but as a starter kit of bits its ok.
anyway, here’s some links that i need to sift through to work out the best way of tackling things: (has some god links on this page too)
here it gets back toward kits, but there’s some videos showing good stuff:
more vids:

i’ve found a forum thread with a post showing the 2x 555 ic chip layout… i knew i didn’t have to much more than search for a while…

edit 8><

22nd oct.
made up a breadboard and ordered some potentiometers to complete it with but i couldn’t get it to work.
so i’m going to start a fresh one over the weekend as i have found some more links for a build… hopefully one i can make work.
the strip board layout on this page should be do-able:

woo, hotlink… hope i don’t get goatse’d…!

here’s some more links:


edit, 22Oct
managed to get some noise out of my APC this eve, ‘will do more and post more about that in due course.
anyway, i’ve been looking, again, on tinternet and found on ebay that Steve Stoll, US techno chap, makes and sells his own versions of APCs and some other guitar stomp box style things…
ebay: properboy
myspace: steve stoll

more (and i’ve almost had enough of the APC…): (this fella is partly the reason i’ve had enough, he’s doing a work shop somewhere in london and charging £130 for places.)