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Shruthi-1 with MAX controller by EATYone

Posted in creative practice, DIY, gear, music, software, video with tags , , , , , , , on 21/11/2010 by sync24

here’s a quick video of my first test with EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta interface.
running from my mac via midisport 2×2 into mutable instruments Shruthi-1.
it allows for control over all the audio editing parameters.
signal from the Shruthi-1 is running through my Roland RE201 Space Echo too.

here’s a follow-up vid where i got a bit of a track together:

First test where i managed to get Numerology running my Shruthi-1 and sending a MIDI clock signal out through my phil rees MDS MIDI to DIN Sync24 controlling the Roland TR808 and TB303.
There’s a little bit of effects via a Roland RE201 Space Echo and Roland SBF 325 Flanger Chorus.
The Shruthi-1’s audio settings are controlled via EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta MAX patch.
Next step for me is to get my Kenton Control Freak controlling the MAX patch…

here’s the mutable instruments forum thread where the MAX patch came from:


MOTU 828

Posted in creative practice, gear, music with tags , on 07/06/2010 by sync24

just won off ebay a MOTU 828 mk1 audio interface.
its 8 in/8 out and is goin in the rack.
firewire to the computer and should give me multichannel digital recording.
i don’t really care about whether its 32bit or any of that stuff, i just hope i can get it working good with my stuff and may end up going for a bit of MIDI sync (nnnoooo!!!!) ok, so i may see if i can get the MC202 sync signal going through things and see if that’ll run stuff – should be fun!
if not it’ll be MIDI… i can run that via an old MIDIMAN into my MIDI > DIN Sync box and/or my TR727.
motu 828