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getting more MIDI….

Posted in creative practice, culture, gear, midi, music with tags , , , on 16/01/2012 by sync24

what’s wrong with me…? I won another MIDI thing yesterday on ebay and am serious about getting something else!

Here’s my latest aquisition:

A Yamaha DX200 groovebox style synth module.
It’s what I’ve been wanting for ages but not really investigated, probably because of the MIDI thing.
Anyway, I’ve been looking online at sites discussing these things and it’s clearly a decent little unit – loads of FM synthesis, DX7 style.
Here’s some links:

The other thing I’ve been looking at is the Korg Electribe ESX-1 SD. Another groovebox style thing, for playing around with samples. There appears to be little communities around these units, so, as with other things i have worked with (The Roland stuff, the Shruthi-1 and the Dronelab) it’d be interesting to make some music and contribute to these groups via Soundcloud and maybe some forums…

Here’s a pic of the Electribe thing:

and some links…


klee update

Posted in creative practice, gear with tags , , on 15/10/2010 by sync24

managed to get round to soldering some more stuff onto the two klee boards this eve.
well, a new thing arrived through the post the other day, so i thought i should try and make some progress with one thing before starting on another…
so i have got most parts on that need to go on. there’s some variable stuff that will happen, so i’ll need to explore that properly when the time comes (range control stuff that i’m not 100% on).
in the meantime, i will get the following two links read and they should help me with understanding building it a bit more. (linked to this chap before, looks like he’s finished now though!!!)