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RL and i built a Dreamachine last week.
i’ve built one before, about 4 years ago, it was great but i didn’t use it much before it got binned.
once i watched the Flicker film with CC:

i thought it was about time to build one again…
i have a copy of the DREAMACHINE PLANS BY BRION GYSIN printed by Temple press. mine’s from ’94, i remember buying it.
here’s the text from the booklet:
from the text, this really stands out to me:
“Part of all magical process is the production of one’s own tools. This is as ancient a truth as the art itself. The dreamachine plans enable one to partake in just such a process – to make the dreamachine literally your own. Through the simple process of drawing out the design, obtaining an old 78 r.p.m. record deck, and constructing the machine, you are actively working within the oldest of traditions. All that has changed are the tools. Magicians have always retained a magpie quality which enables them to utilise whatever comes to hand. For all the dogma one reads, magic and mysticism are in reality the least dogmatic of disciplines.” Karl Eden, Temple Press 1992
it sums up a lot of what i am doing.

this evening i thought i’d combine the Dreamachine with something else i’d built…
i’d had the idea in the back of my head since first discovering the Dronelab that these two together could be a great combination.
so i’ve just had about 40mins sitting infront of the Dreamachine with the Dronleab on my lab.

i’ve used the Dreamachine a couple of times over the last week, but together with the Dronelab this eve, in 40mins, once i stopped i felt incredibly relaxed and… i don’t know what.
when you are using the dreamachine shapes, colours and patterns appear, move, evolve etc. coupled with the dronelab, with its oscilations drifting in and out of synchronisation, the two machines really played off each other, as i’d expected. it was as if the sounds were evolving just as the images and patterns do.
i’ll be experimenting with this set-up again, as well as trying to find some of the music for dreamachine other people have made (i have a hafler trio lp somewhere and think there’s a psychic tv around too…)

finally, i bought a book off amazon all about the history of the Dreamachine.
Chapel of Extreme Experience: A short history of stroboscopic light and the dreamachine by John Geiger.

so i’ll be reading it over the next week or so.



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got round to making a new droneface track, at last…
again, recorded through the MOTU thing, straight into Audacity.
equipment list:
Dronelab V2 >
Roland RE 201 SPACE ECHO


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urm, i left it a couple of days (a week maybe) and checked back on my dronefadce tracks (which are part of the Dronelab soundcloud group:
there’s been a bit of activity, a few plays and downloads (i chose to allow my tracks to be downloadable, available under CC and public – not private). this spurred me on as i felt like things have been received quite well.
so here’s DR003:
equipment list first:
Dronelab V2 >
and this was recorded via my new MOTU 828, though i still need to get to grips with this a bit more as i don’t seem to have a full grasp on the buses and recording channels…


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second droneface track…
took a slightly different approach here, still rips!
here’s the equipment list:
Dronelab V2 >
Roland RE 201 SPACE ECHO
and here’s the track:

dronelab? finished

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(bit of a retrospective post session)
I have managed to get the Dronelab finished, finally!
the last bits arrived from Mouser (dial caps and switches), then i realised i’d missed out on picking up a voltage reg cos it wasn’t in the parts list on caspertronics site…. so i got an expensive one from Craplin (Maplin).
i was a little bit anxious about switching it on for the first time but needn’t have worried ‘cos this thing kicked into life and has been doing a top job since!

overall i reckon it took about 5 or 6 hours, i think, to solder together, don’t know how long it took to source and organise all the parts though.
i am mega-chuffed with it though and seriously think it is worth the effort, it can create a good range of sounds, more than i anticipated – together the Tremelo, Distortion and Band Pass Filter stuff makes all the difference (i guess without modding the thing). sounds range from solid thunderous drone to ticky & clicky rhythms.

i will be doing some recordings and will post them asap.
in the meantime…

Dronelab (almost) built

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after building the Shufflebox, i felt ready to get started with the Dronelab.
so here’s a couple of in-progress-pics:

here’s some moody ones using that oldschool camrea app on the iphone:

nice x 2!

pretty close to finishing this now, i had to re-order a few bits via ebay and cancel some Mouser ordered parts.
that said, i’m going to have to wait until mid july i think before the missing switches and pot caps arrive…
i’m itching to get some noise recorded and posted on here:


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…i’ve also bought two boards to make Dronelabs

newP and i will be building one each, casperelectronics website has a great parts list on with all the part numbers so i can should be able to build this sooooon…