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another sleeve design fiddle

Posted in artwork, creative practice, design, research with tags , on 21/08/2010 by sync24

…not that i’ve really done much here (and i cannot believe it was almost a year ago…!), ‘just replaced the main image from the previous one i did (in this post).
the main image was scanned from ‘masterpieces of science fiction art, tomorrow and beyond’ edited by ian summers (image on p45, by don maitz from about 1978 for a book called ‘catchworld’ by chris boyce).
here’s the book cover:
amazon link
here’s the image on the artists website:

what this has also got me thinking (from looking through these old books to make the scans – chris foss, roger dean etc.), is that after all the space pictures i used to draw as a child, in a way, i wish i’d kept it up and was doing space paintings now…!
like this fella:
still, plenty of time for that.
it also got me thinking about the richard prince ‘nurse’ paintings…
and the sonic youth, ‘sonic nurse’, lp sleeve:

anyway,i’m going to begin designing a proper logo for these fiddles – i need to make a sound library lp, so ned to get in to the swing of that style…