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Mutable Instruments Sidekick

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mmmm, i thought i’d posted about this before…
mutable instruments offer various filter boards to go along with the Shruthi-1 project.
i bought one of them after completing my initial build, then mutable released another project called the Sidekick:
i grabbed one of the boards and ordered the parts in May 2011 and probably completed the control board in August or September 2011.
it has its own enclosure, like the Shruthi-1, but has no midi as it’s basically just a filter or tone generator / drone machine. once i’d completed the control board i tested it with the filter that came with the Shruthi-1, it worked, so i took a photo and moved on to the next thing.
after ordering the GorF i thought i should get some older projects finished – the Sidekick being at the top of the list. so i have just finished building the SSM2044 filter board (info here:
here’s a couple of pics, without the case:

and a pic from a year ago with the case:

i’m reasonably happy with the finished artefact, though initially, it doesn’t make as much noise as i’d have liked…
maybe i need to spend more time with it until i find the good settings.


BEAM 2011 – Tom Bugs WOM Workshop

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Had a great session at BEAM today!
Made the Tom Bugs WOM – Workshop Oscillator Machine.
Here’s the workshop link (again).

Tom was great! He led the workshop in a really interesting and entertaining way –
He went through the basics of how the WOM worked, talking to us about what the different components were for and what they did.
He then talked to us about hwo to solder and let us get on with building.
As he says, the kits are really straigh forward, the BOM is clear and you can match all the parts up with the board just by being logical.
I got mine finished nice a quickly, then helped the chap I was sat next to.

Its a fun sounding machine on its own, the little speaker is ok for testing and the contact points along the bottom of the board are a laugh!
I really like how the ‘power starve’ works, to a certain extent it simulates the battery going flat, there’s also a ‘stabilser’ option for it.
The little postcard sized machine sounds really beefy through a PA too, so once i get home i’ll have to add it to my other gear and see what i can make of it.

Tom had also brought along one of his modular systems, so I had a go on it and made a load of crap…
‘need more practice with those things.

MAX EXPO74 New York Oct 2011

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The Cycling74 MAX Expo74 was announced in April and I’ve been wondering how to get to it, it’s in New York…

I’ve been granted £800 via three different funds (staff development, CB’s Material Digital Culture Centre and the School research funding), so I have to top up the rest myself, but I will be going to NY – I’ve paid for my registration

I’m thinking of proposing a Science Fair thing, showing a couple of third year students work and talkig about my teaching methods etc.

Here’s some videos from the previous Expo from 2009:

BEAM Festival Brunel University 24 – 26 June 2011

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Just had an email via STEIM about this:
It clashes with the MFM Dphil day which I’ve said I’d show some work at… but I’d rather go to BEAM.
Top of my list:
Tom Bugs WOM and John Richards Dirty Electronics sessions!!!

…wondering about cv > midi

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in a spare moment i was looking at my music machines and thought about how little i actually have used the Shruthi-1 i made, which is a shame.
i don’t use it because it needs midi to control it.
i don’t use midi.
so how can i go about getting some use out of it..?
i can play about with it via MAX and the Monome things i was playing with from Stretta.
but that really involves a computer, i don’t want to use a computer.
i don’t have a midi seq or controller keyboard.
i have analog stuff.
some of which sends out cv/gate info.
so i after a google hunt for cv to midi convertors, found this:
it’s made using similar stuff to the Arduino – code in a chip.
i don’t like the code side of things, but this is a little diy project that could do what i want and would be quite interesting and relativley cheap to make.
i could send cv info out of my 101 or 202, OR, when i have finished it, my Klee…
here’s a link to a post on muffs where someone has built one of these Miduinos anyway:
and here’s his video from the same link (just so this post isn’t just all text):

what the Miduino project allows for is a reprogrammable midi interface.
all you need to do is send the chip different code and the unit will operate in a different way.
i guess, of course, you would need different hardware configurations, but essentailly that’s the bottom line.
also, i found out about the Minicommand project which works in a similar way, so here’s a link:
and here’s a video:

finally, i should probably look through the videos which appear in this youtube search:

Duchamp Rotoreliefs

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these things have always amazed me, so it’s probably time for me to print some out as i have found the following links:

Klee + Bridechamber Front Panel parts

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apart from finishing the boards, i realise it has been a good year since i made any real progress with building the Klee sequencer… that’s not good. though i suppose in the meantime i made a few other things (WSG, Shufflebox, APC, Dronelab, Shruthi-1). anyway, i have made a few posts here [e-m about 3/4 way down:] and here [muffs] and got a pretty decent parts list together now. i did also email the bridechamber chaps as it was pointed out they make a parts kit for their front panel, but the link is now dead and they haven’t got back to me, so i guess that it’s not something they are supplying anymore.
it was a bit of a saga getting the parts list together, but with the great help of members of the two different forums i have a better understanding of a few things and have an almost complete list. i will post my completed list once it’s 100% done, here and on the two forums, just for a final check through or any last suggestions.