synth related filmog

From and inspired by the gearslutz forum thread ‘Lack of electronic music in contemporary film scores’, I have made up a list of films I should watch or re-visit.

Here we go:
Beverly Hills Cop
L’Idee (animation from 1932 using Ondes Martenot)
Forbidden Planet
Andromeda Strain
The Terminator (post on gearslutz)
Liquid Sky
Midnight Express
Altered States
Hellraiser i & ii
Close Encounters of The Third Kind
Blade Runner
Apocalypse Now
Solaris (new version)
most older John Carpenter films:
Dark Star
Assault on Precinct 13
They Live
The Fog
Halloween etc.
(here’s his website page about the music)
Laptinek (???)
Run Lola, Run
Tangram & The Sorceror – Tangerine Dream soundtracks
Tron (maybe even Tron 2, as it has a soundtrack by Daft Punk…)
Terminator ii
Event Horizon
Logans Run
5th Element
original release of Koyanisqatsi apparently has an electronic score which was replaced with an orchestral version…
Flash Gordon
plenty of David Lynch films
Insomnia (Norwegin film…)
[more will be added]


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