Links (r.i.p.)
agcg interviews:
get these mags:
links for component codes (capacitors, resistors etc):

555 chip:


good building blog:

christian marclay:

trainspotting art and design:

peter christopherson / coil
his blog:
dennis coopers blog:

mutant sounds

interesting read:

muffwiggler modular forum:

Build your own Analog Synth

Resistor calc, works both ways round – type in the value or put in the colours:

synth diy website

Early Computer art

Early Computer brochure:

interesting japanese max/msp/jitter link:

make glitchy video in MAX etc.


David Vorhaus interview (talking about making his own instruments)

a blog after my own heart:

bloody hell, i’ve set up a myspace account, and there’s already a ‘sync24’ & a ‘granstudio’…

graphical scores:

sound sculptures and installations:

pkd blog:

andrew peklers inspirational and/or blog:

should propbably get involved…

finally got round to hunting online for atau tanaka’s piece from consuming music together:

and here’s a few more tanaka links just for good measure:

Synth blogger:


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