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Posted in artwork, cd, creative practice, design, music, stickers on 22/08/2010 by sync24

had a tidy up this weekend and last weekend, and remembered i have about 50 mini, 3 inch, blank CDRs from about 10 years ago when i did my MA course (the idea there was to create a cd with music and an application which the buyer could play with. ‘feels very familiar!).
anyway, i’ve been looking into these again. they are still a popular-ish format (this wikipedia article mentions them being used by indie artists for their releases, sounds familiar again…). there’s some nice cshell packaging available for them now (here:, and these two (, offer various other boxes for them too.
i have about 4 printable megadata discs and around 45 unbranded discs, al in jewel cases – though the unbranded ones are larger than normal and have ‘MINI DISC’ embossed in the cd tray, i don’t like that.
these discs cost me about £60 i seem to remember… now you can by 100 for less than £20.
so, what i’m thinking is to do a few short runs of music (droneface for a start), and just give them to some friends etc. i could get some of these cshell cases and i’ve also been thinking about getting som stickers and mini cards done via
oh, and here’s a good looking website for a company in bristol who do all sorts of packaging: