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additional blog… The Psyphonaut

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the psyphonaut
exploring territory between art, science fiction, and altered states of consciousness through electronic music.

(this additional blog will be the home for my audio tributes to sci-fi art. all the pieces will be uploaded to YouTube as videos)


Christmas Eve sci-fi book cover track

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made another track for a book cover:

happy xmas

Don Maitz Catchworld tribute video

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i just finished a recording which i have also added the Don Maitz image to in FCP.
it’s up on youtube, so here’s the finished thing…

had a good fiddle about with the audio, and managed to get some interesting feedback loops going on:
the Roland SPV-355 (pitch to voltage synth) was being used as an FX send and received raw, pitched down (from the Boss RPS-10 Pitch Shifter), and Ringmodded/AutoPanned DroneLab audio. i also had my MFOS Weird Sound Gen being modulated by the SH09. all this was being fed into the Space Echo and the Stereo Flanger, with a little bit of JX-3P for additional undercurrents…
as i was setting all this up, i really did have the image in mind that i have used in the video, so i’d say this was, to me, proper space music.

now i need to end my day with another space movie (watched Sunshine last night, could do with Event Horizon tonight…)

here’s the track on soundcloud: