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RL and i built a Dreamachine last week.
i’ve built one before, about 4 years ago, it was great but i didn’t use it much before it got binned.
once i watched the Flicker film with CC:

i thought it was about time to build one again…
i have a copy of the DREAMACHINE PLANS BY BRION GYSIN printed by Temple press. mine’s from ’94, i remember buying it.
here’s the text from the booklet:
from the text, this really stands out to me:
“Part of all magical process is the production of one’s own tools. This is as ancient a truth as the art itself. The dreamachine plans enable one to partake in just such a process – to make the dreamachine literally your own. Through the simple process of drawing out the design, obtaining an old 78 r.p.m. record deck, and constructing the machine, you are actively working within the oldest of traditions. All that has changed are the tools. Magicians have always retained a magpie quality which enables them to utilise whatever comes to hand. For all the dogma one reads, magic and mysticism are in reality the least dogmatic of disciplines.” Karl Eden, Temple Press 1992
it sums up a lot of what i am doing.

this evening i thought i’d combine the Dreamachine with something else i’d built…
i’d had the idea in the back of my head since first discovering the Dronelab that these two together could be a great combination.
so i’ve just had about 40mins sitting infront of the Dreamachine with the Dronleab on my lab.

i’ve used the Dreamachine a couple of times over the last week, but together with the Dronelab this eve, in 40mins, once i stopped i felt incredibly relaxed and… i don’t know what.
when you are using the dreamachine shapes, colours and patterns appear, move, evolve etc. coupled with the dronelab, with its oscilations drifting in and out of synchronisation, the two machines really played off each other, as i’d expected. it was as if the sounds were evolving just as the images and patterns do.
i’ll be experimenting with this set-up again, as well as trying to find some of the music for dreamachine other people have made (i have a hafler trio lp somewhere and think there’s a psychic tv around too…)

finally, i bought a book off amazon all about the history of the Dreamachine.
Chapel of Extreme Experience: A short history of stroboscopic light and the dreamachine by John Geiger.

so i’ll be reading it over the next week or so.


quick midi grumble/a happy ending

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i don’t like midi.
maybe i’m doing something wrong, but i just don’t like it.
i’ve been looking at MAX to start making something to control my shruti-1. i must be too tired or something because i can’t muster up any enthusiasm. it’s making me dislike the shruti too.
i always forget about it, but i bought it especially because it works like old step sequencers, ones i like to use.
i have had it set up with my kenton control freak and controlled note on the sh09 via the mpu101.
so really, i should think about hooking up midi>din sync controlling 808/303/606/202 and shuffle box, while i get numerology talking to 101/09/pvSynth via the mpu101. and try and use the kenton just for the sake of it.
i could even try and use the monome in there too, somewhere…
monome+numerology(plus MAX)
ok, ‘need to look through jimfive12’s videos and get back into numerology…
tutorials here:
and some more stuff on youtube:
here’s a pic to jazz things up too:

‘feel better about this now.


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so, i’d forgotten about this…
then i got an email yesterday morning informing me that there would be limited number available in a few hours, whilst i was out meeting the fotb people.
cut a long story short, i got one ordered online thru my iPhone on the prom!
here’s the website for it:
it’s a diy, open source/hardware synth, so it’s right up my street.
well, it’s a step in a direction i need to go in.
NC has said i need to think about making some of my own circuits.
well, i think i’ll  struggle at that a bit, so a step toward this, after building various kits, is provided by this one in particular – it’s possible to build your own filter boards!
here’s the available boards (the smr4 comes with the kit):
and here’s a page about your own boards:

here’s a vid anyway:

and here’s some Flickr pics:

Sci-Fi book sites

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here’s two good looking Sci-Fi book websites: