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Andrew Whelan

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I’d had Whelan, Andrew Breakcore : identity and interaction on peer-to-peer out from the library for too long and someone had put in a request for it…

So after a quick read through, it wasn’t quite the book i was thinking it was.
It was still great to read research into such a niche field of music, but there were a few chapters which i feel had little to do with my own niche.
which is fine.

Whelan’s article in Cybersounds (Whelan, Andrew. 2006. “Do U Produce?: Subcultural Capital and Amateur Musicianship in Peer-to-Peer Networks.” Pp. 57-81 in Cybersounds: Essays on Virtual Music Culture, edited by Michael Ayers. New York: Peter Lang.) remains key for me.

Anyway, i found the Breakcore book online, here:
i’m not going to upload my notes & quotes as there’s loads…

Here’s Andrew Whelan:

one last article as it looks interesting:
Whelan, Andrew. 2010. “Free music and trash culture: the reconfiguration of musical value online.” What’s It Worth?: ‘Value’ and Popular Music, edited by Kirsten Zemke and Shelley Brunt. a google search should bring it up.


BEAM Festival Brunel University 24 – 26 June 2011

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Just had an email via STEIM about this:
It clashes with the MFM Dphil day which I’ve said I’d show some work at… but I’d rather go to BEAM.
Top of my list:
Tom Bugs WOM and John Richards Dirty Electronics sessions!!!

a quick find… SuONOIO synth + digital album

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just having a quick look through the Shruthi-1 forum and came across this:

its a mini loop crushing synth which takes samples from an album and allows you to mess with them.
there’s some modular element with mini patching ability too…
found it here:
website 001 here:
blog here:

interesting because it’s doing what i was thinking about: it’s an ‘album’ of some sort with an additional ‘thing’ which allows the buyer a greater level of interaction with the product – a synth.
similar to the gristleism.

Ableton Live fiddle

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had a fiddle about with Ableton Live,
first thing to experiment with CKs echofoam controller, which took a bit of fiddling with to get it right.
it uses a few layers of conductive foam hooked up to an Arduino and a bit of custom software.
i’ll have to report back to CK about it, i like it, but don’t think it works the way i want to do things. controls seem to end up being a bit too random…
also hooked up my old kenton control freak after D showed us how to ‘dj’ with the software.
now i ‘get’ how it all works, i’ll get the Monome hooked up and not buy a decicated controller…
here’s a link for some max/monome/live patches:

Giorgio Sancristoforo

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This chap is V interesting, manages to cover quite a few bases.
some videos:

Trevor Pinch’s Modular synth

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check the link!

…and whilst i’m at it, it’s worth posting this too:
Discovering Electronic Music Parts 1, 2 & 3.

Graphic Scores

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(blimey, i haven’t posted here for ages…!)

ok, so i’ve been looking at Graphic Scores to go along with my audio work.
i have been keeping up as much as possible with my work since january, ‘been trying to get my research plan sorted out…
almost there.

anyway, Graphical scores…
here’s a couple of interesting websites:
Top blog:
interesting sound art:
collection of graphical scores:
Notations 21 is the start of this for me:
my fave score maker in the above book:

good eh!

i’m going to have a go at some visual stuff too, probably a combination of both still, interpretations or representations, along with some moving stuff, audio-visualisations.