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additional blog… The Psyphonaut

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the psyphonaut
exploring territory between art, science fiction, and altered states of consciousness through electronic music.

(this additional blog will be the home for my audio tributes to sci-fi art. all the pieces will be uploaded to YouTube as videos)


Peter Vogel – The Sound Of The Shadows Brighton 2011

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i went along to see the Peter Vogel exhibition today.
the pieces of work on display are fascinating and very inspiring examples of electronic craftsmanship.
below is some info along with my videos and photos.

website links:

The first dedicated UK retrospective of renowned European artist, Peter Vogel opens at the University of Brighton, UK, in October. Curated jointly by Conall Gleeson and Jean Martin, the exhibition explores the subject of sound in gallery spaces through Vogel’s interactive sound objects.

The exhibition features a significant number of Vogel’s important works including the two innovative and interactive large-scale works, the Sound Wall and the Shadow Orchestra. These will form the core of the exhibition that will also include smaller sound and light kinetic sculptures. 
Peter Vogel’s works are difficult to categorise, they demonstrate a breakdown of the boundaries across practices within fine art and performance traditions and question established relationships between sculpture and sound, seeing and hearing, the static and the live, as well as challenging the place of sound within the historiography of gallery spaces. They refuse to align with any single artistic movement yet resonate with the aims of so many. 
Drawing on the artistic values of the 20th century as much as prefiguring the emerging concerns of the 21st, Dr Nye Parry writes that Vogel’s “pieces combine the open form sensibilities of interactive multimedia with an almost classical visual aesthetic that emphasises clean lines, balanced forms and delicate structures. They ask new questions about the relationship between the spectator and the aesthetic object that bring it right up to date with contemporary artistic and philosophical enquiry. Vogel emphasises the importance of the perception of time in his work and the use of sound and light to articulate this using his skill as a circuit designer to create beautiful soundmachines that respond to the movements of gallery visitors”.


Photo slideshow:

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winter track_ 110111_wint

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Live recording has only been trimmed and compressed a little bit.
Features wandering tuned 101 & some of the other gear.
no MIDI, minimal sequencing, 2×1 bar drum loops.
5 note 101 annoyance.

Public 2.0 was yesterday

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Public 2.0 was yesterday and was really interesting. Overall, the content was more relevant to certain elements of my teaching than anything else i do, though David Gauntlett, who chaired the morning session was flyering for his new book: Making is Connecting
The content looks too relevant to miss, so i’ve bought it on amazon.

anyway, here’s my brief notes and decent links from the day:
Ian Forrester talked about working in the R&D dept at the BBC and how he shared most of his life via social networking… he talked about ‘self tracking’ and ‘the quantified self’. i don’t think i could open up that much, but it’s useful for work.

Simon Rogers from the Guardian gave a brilliant presentation about curating data and ‘data journalism’.
he pointed out that one of the first people to visualise complicated data was Florence Nightingale…
there’s more relevant-to-work stuff here:
Google Fusion tables appear to be the way forward for getting my students to do decent data viz stuff:
here’s a good example of things he showed: Afghanistan war: every death mapped
he also reminded us that good design really matters, and that “The only questions left will be answered by computers, because only computers will know what to ask.” James Cameron 1969.

up next was Roland Harwood from, among other things, he mentioned his old boss, Chris Powell, at NESTA pointed out that ‘Networking’ was only one letter away from ‘Not working’, only 1% of people who watch video on YouTube actually post videos on YouTube, and something like 9% do something with what they have watched… which i thought were interesting stats. he also quoted J. G. Ballard “The future reveals itself through the periferal.”
after lunch Drew Hemment from Future Everything spoke about what FE does. he wasn’t feeling too well, but still gave an interesting presentation. its good to see how far something which i remember going to in 2000 becuase Merzbow (i fell asleep during the gig) was playing at has gone. he’s written some interesting stuff which i have stashed away as pdfs somewhere… here’s a link to his texts on his website:

Ruth Catlow from furtherfield talked about artists using social media and message lists. the idea of DIWO (do it with others), rather than DIY was interesting – here’s a link to a search: Its about ‘adapting the DIY ethos to work together with the relationships (between people, machines, their behaviours and stuff) made possible by networks.’

Rob Meyers then talked about Art Open Data, but i was feeling the effects of crap air-con by then, and was struggling to remain interested. here’s his website though, something to have a look through:

The final section of the day began with Santiago Oritz showing projects he works on creating data viz stuff. he works with Simon Rogers on stuff for the Guardian, along with building ways for anyone to experiment with open data.
he showed which is an amazing way to get started with data viz and i will have to use that with my teaching.
here’s his other link: which has some pretty amazing stuff on it!

we were also shown the work for the data art exhibition which was taking place in the gallery next door. Harry Robbins and Gavin Baily (i think) talked through various projects here: other things to look at which expanded from this were geocoding wikipedia articles with google maps, and newstraces here:

Overall, the conference was really interesting, although not directly related to the content of this blog, it was good to see people from different areas brought together to talk about how they used data visualisation. anyway, i found out about a decent looking book and, looking at the links above, there’s some great stuff to take into my teaching next year.

Erkki Kurenniemi

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“Technology won’t take control as long as man can misuse it.”
Erkki Kurenniemi – Dawn of Dimi 2002

I bought the Dawn Of Dimi DVD documentary about Errki Kurenniemi when it came out, in 2002, and i’ve only just got round to watching it, it’s 2011.
Fascinating doc anyway, the man is clearly an amazing character and the insturments he has built are really interesting.
Enough words have been written about him elsewhere, so i’m not going to go on about him at the moment, i need to get to work…
here’s some links anyway:
YouTube video:

Duchamp Rotoreliefs

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these things have always amazed me, so it’s probably time for me to print some out as i have found the following links:

Christmas Eve sci-fi book cover track

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made another track for a book cover:

happy xmas