analog days discog:

I think everything from the discog in Analog Days needs finding… somehow.

Air, Moon Safari (Virgin, 1998)
Barron, Louis, and Bebe Barron, Forbidden Planet (Small Planet, 1989)
Bass, Sid, Moog Espãna (RCA, 1969)
Baxter, Les, Moog Rock (Crescendo, 19XX)
Beachboys, “Good Vibrations” (Capitol, 1966)
Beachboys,Pet Sounds (Capitol, 1966)
Beatles, Sergeant Pepper (Parlophone, 1967)
Beatles,Abbey Road (Apple, 1969)
Beaver, Paul, and Bernie Krause, The Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music (Elektra, 1968)
Beaver, Paul, and Bernie Krause, Ragnarok: Electronic Funk (Limelite, 1969)
Beaver, Paul, and Bernie Krause, In a Wild Sanctuary (Warner Brothers, 1970)
Beaver, Paul, and Bernie Krause, Gandharva (Warner Brothers, 1971)
Birtwistle, Harrison, Triumph of Time: Chronometer (Argo, 1975)
Blake, Tim, Crystal Machine (Egg, 1977)
Bley, Paul, The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show (Milestone, 1970)
Byrds, The Notorious Byrd Brothers (Columbia, 1968)
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, Safe as Milk (Buddha, 1967)
Can, Tago Mago (Mute, 1971)
Carlos, Walter, Switched-On Bach (Columbia, 1968)
Carlos, Walter, The Well-Tempered Synthesizer (Columbia, 1968)
Carlos, Walter, Switched-On Bach II (Columbia, 1973)
Carlos, Wendy, Sonic Seasonings (Columbia, 1972)
Carlos, Wendy, Walter Carlos by Request (Columbia, 1975); includes “Dialogues for Piano and Two Loudspeakers”
Carlos, Wendy, Switched-On Brandenburgs (Columbia, 1980)
Ciani, Suzanne, Seven Waves (Finnadar, 1982)
Ciani, Suzanne, Pianissimo II (Seven Waves, [check: Finnadar?] 1996)
Cream, Disraeli Gears (Atco, 1967)
Denny, Martin, Exotic Moog (Liberty, 1969)
Doors, “Light My Fire” (Elektra, 1967)
Doors, Strange Days (Elektra, 1967)
Droste, Keith, Big Band Moog (Realistic, 1970)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Atlantic, 1971); includes “Lucky Man”
Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Tarkus (Atlantic, 1971)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Pictures at An Exhibition (Atlantic, 1972)
Eno, Brian, Music for Airports (EG, 1978)
Fripp, Robert, and Brian Eno, No Pussyfooting (Island, 1973)
Garson, Mort, Zodiac Cosmic Sounds (Elektra, 1967)
Garson, Mort, The Wozard of IZ: An Electronic Odyssey (A&M, 1969)
Garson, Mort, Electronic Hair Pieces (Mayfair, 1969)
Garson, Mort, Black Mass/Lucifer (MCA, 1971)
Gold, Marty, Moog Plays the Beatles (Avco, 1970)
Grateful Dead, Anthem of the Sun (Warner, 1968)
Grateful Dead, Aoxomoxoa (Warner, 1969)
Hambro, Leonid, and Gershon Kingsley, Switched On Gershwin (Avco, 1970)
Hammer, Jan, Black Sheep (Elektra, 1979)
Hankinson, Mike, The Unusual Classical Synthesizer (ABC, 1972)
Harrison, George, Electronic Sounds (Zapple, 1969)
Haskell, Jeff, Switched-On Buck (Capitol, 1971)
Hawkwind, In Search of Space (United Artists, 1971)
Henry, Pierre, Experimental Music, Vol. 2, Le Voyage (Limelight, 1968)
Hoskins, William, Galatic Fantasy Eastern Reflections (Spectrum, 1979)
Hot Butter, Popcorn (Musicor, 1972)
Hyman, Dick, The Age of Electronicus (Command, 1972)
Hyman, Dick, The Synthesizer (Command, 1973)
Jarre, Jean-Michel, Oxygene (Polydor, 1977)
Kazdin, Andrew, and Thomas Z. Shepard, Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog (Columbia, 1971)
Kingsley, Gershon, First Moog Quartet (Audiofidelity, 1969)
Kingsley, Gershon, Music to Moog By (Audiofidelity, 1969)
Kraftwerk, Autobahn (Phillips, 1974)
Kraftwerk, Trans-Europe Express (Capitol, 1977)
Kraftwerk, Computerworld (EMI, 1981)
King Crimson, Court of the Crimson King (Island, 1969)
Light, Enoch, Spaced Out (Project 3, 1969)
Lothar and the Hand People, Presenting—Lothar and the Hand People (Capitol, 1969)
Mann, Sy, and Jean-Jacques Perrey, Switched-On Santa: The Moog Synthesizer Plays the Merriest of Christmas Favorites (Pickwick, 1970)
Melvoin, Mike, The Plastic Cow goes MOOOOOOG (Dot, 1969)
Montenegro, Hugo, Moog Power (RCA, 1969)
Moody Blues, Days of Future Passed (Decca, 1967)
Moog Cookbook, The Moog Cookbook Plays the Classic Rock Hits (Restless, 1997)
Moog Machine, Switched-On Rock (Columbia, 1969)
Moog Machine, Christmas Electric (Columbia, 1970)
Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co, Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co 1970–1973 (Cuneiform, 1999)
Nice, Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Immediate, 1969)
Nice, Five Bridges Suite (Mercury, 1970)
Oliveros, Pauline, Alien Bog Beautiful Soop (Pogus, 1997)
Orb, Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (Island, 1991)
Perrey, Jean-Jacques, The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean-Jacques Perrey (Vanguard, 1967)
Perrey, Jean-Jacques, Moog Indigo (Vanguard, 1970)
Perrey, Jean-Jacques, and Gershon Kingsley, The In Sound from Way Out (Vanguard, 1966)
Perrey, Jean-Jacques, and Gershon Kingsley, Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Spotlight on the Moog (Vanguard, 1967)
Pink Floyd, Piper at the Gates of Dawn (EMI, 1967)
Pink Floyd, Meddle (EMI, 1971)
Pink Floyd, Obscured by Clouds (EMI, 1972)
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (EMI, 1973)
Powell, Rick, Switched-On-Country (RCA, 1970)
Powell, Rick, The Rick Powell Choir Book (Word, 1974)
Powell, Roger, Cosmic Furnace (Atlantic, 1973)
Reich, Steve, Early Works (Nonesuch, 1987)
Riley, Terry, In C (Columbia, 1968)
Rolling Stones, Their Satanic Majesty Requests (Decca, 1967)
Rolling Stones, Beggar’s Banquet (Decca, 1968)
Roxy Music, Roxy Music (Island, 1971)
Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure (Island, 1973)
Rudin, Andrew, Tragoedia (Nonesuch, 1968)
Rundgren, Todd, A Wizard, A True Star (Bearsville, 1974)
Schulze, Klaus, Irrlicht (PDO Records, 1972)
Scott, Christopher, Switched-On Bacharach (Decca, 1969)
Scott, Christopher, More Switched-On Bacharach (Decca, 1970)
Sear, Walter, The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit (Command, 1969)
Sear, Walter, and Richard Hayman, Electronic Evolutions (Command, 1969)
Simon, Paul, and Art Garfunkel, Bookends (Columbia, 1968)
Stereolab, Switched-On Stereolab (Too Pure, 1992)
Chris Stone, Gatsby’s World Turned On Joplin (ABC, 1974)
Subotnick, Morton, Silver Apples of the Moon (Nonesuch, 1967)
Subotnick, Morton, The Wild Bull (Nonesuch, 1968)
Subotnick, Morton, Touch (Nonesuch, 1969)
Summer, Donna, The Dance Collection (Casablanca/Polygram, 1987); includes “I Feel Love”
Sun Ra, My Brother the Wind (Variety, 1969)
Sun Ra, My Brother the Wind, Vol. 2 (Variety, 1970)
Sun Ra, The Solar-Myth Approach, Vols. 1 and 2 (Variety, 1970)
Tangerine Dream, Alpha Centauri (Ear, 1971)
Tomita, Snowflakes Are Dancing (RCA, 1974)
Tonto’s Expanding Headband, Zero Time (Embryo, 1971)
Trythall, Gil, Nashville Gold Switched-On Moog (Athena, 1969)
Trythall, Gil, Switched-On Nashville Country Moog (Athena, 1970)
White Noise, An Electric Storm (Island, 1971)
Who, Who’s Next (Decca, 1971)
Who, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (Decca, 1971)
Williams, Mason, The Mason Williams Ear Show (Warner, 1968)
Wonder, Stevie, Music of My Mind (Motown, 1972)
Wonder, Stevie, Talking Book (Motown, 1972)
Wonder, Stevie, Innervisions (Motown, 1973)
Wonder, Stevie, Fufillingness’ First Finale (Motown, 1974)
Wurman, Hans, Chopin à la Moog with Lots of Strings Attached (RCA, 1970)
Wurman, Hans, The Moog Strikes Bach (RCA, 19XX)
Zappa, Frank, Uncle Meat (Rykodisc, 1967)


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