Brighton Modular Meet 2012

i offered to host the summer 2012 Brighton modular meet via the muffwigglers forum in the MFM TV studio at Sussex uni.
The whole show went very well, despite me having a huge hangover and limited hours of sleep.
CC and PM took some photos and videos of the gathering.
There were about 12 modular systems set up, plenty of noise and plenty of conversation.
I got a bit swept away by organising things, making sure people had plugs, cables, parking passes, telling people where they could get food etc…
so i am really glad for the pictures.

Everyone there was nice and enthusiastic, four of us will be meeting up again as soon as we can for a mini meet.

The muff forum is the place to go to for Eurorack-talk, and the people who came along were pretty much all forum members.
There were a couple of visitors who didn’t have any modular and were curious to see what they should buy.
I tried to make up for a lack of eurorack by bringing along my 303 and 808.
The 303 has individual inputs for all the controls, so i can send it signals from the modular gear and get it doing stuff it wouldn’t normally do.
show off

anyway, here’s PMs pictures:

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