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…Eurorack [euroCrack]

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After lengthy conversations and emails with RH, I have decided to investigate Eurorack Modular territory. These are compact modules that cover all sorts of bases and are reasonably priced (though Eurorack is often called EuroCrack for its addictive purchasing nature…).

The Muffwigglers forum seems to be the base for all this stuff, so after having a good snoop around there i spotted a modular synth meet that had happened locally before xmas.

One forum member was suggesting another meet and i have offered the TV studio at work. It turns out I know this chap from Coventry… there’s always some strange connection somewhere!

Here’s the forum thread about the meet:


some new tracks…

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i’ve managed to make two more tracks to send to E&R.
They’re close but not deep enough, i’ve been using the ESX with the Roland gear too, so it’s a bit of a learning process – integrating the two control formats, but i need to do some reorganising of the studio set-up to get things comfortable to use.

These tracks have also been added to a number of Soundcloud groups with the hope gaining additional exposure…

the main thing i need to do, along with making stuff to upload, is to spend time listening to tracks and contributing comments. TiME is my enemy (or is that work…?)

use of one of my tracks…. :)

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I have been asked by a Soundcloud user, willow, if he can use my binaural storm recording from 26.06 in one of his tracks. It’s a good atmospheric piece with my rain storm in the background.
here it is:

edit: it’s now the first track on BLOCK E By Wilk Kick here:
and here he is on Soundcloud:

here’s my original recording:


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managed to make some bits on my Korg ESX and have passed them on to Riccardo & Emanuele, i just wish i had more time to keep up with working on stuff…
here’s an excerpt of what i sent: