M4_u Leicester – Day two

Day two started with Jeremy Bernstein, an employee of C74 and developer of Max, talking about ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love Javascript’. I started off with an open mind to the use of Javascript here, and though I can appreciate it’s usefulness, only lasted 30 mins before brain-freeze set in and I couldn’t follow what he was talking about… I love Max for the lack of code, yeah, there’s somemaths which I struggle with, but avoiding coding is really important for me. I gave it a chance, but wont be bothering, thanks though, Jeremy!

Sean Clark the came on to talk about ‘Max for visual artists’ and showed older work he had created using Director to create VJ applications and installations, I remembered one Birmingham based project he had worked on from the 90s. Seans talk also confirmed that cv.jit is a good package to have installed – I use it at work in my teaching.
this particular piece was my fave:

Andrew Robertson began his talk showing this:
then talked about his ‘B-Keeper’ Max 4 Live plug-in which was presented in a very interesting way, Andrew talked about the process he’d gone through and the development of the techniques used to beat-track a human drummer with software.

I skipped the lunchtime workshop again (not really the best timing to be honest…) and had a break.

Lorenzo Picinali gave the final presentation of the day (unfortunatley Nick Bugayev had to cancel which was a shame as I was interested to see him talk about the Plastikman visuals… http://maxuk.wordpress.com/schedule/performances/speakers/nick-bugayev/). Lorenzo talked about ‘Non artistic applications of Max’ and his work creating virtual reality for blind people using sound spatialisation and turning data about proteins into sound. I always enjoy hearing about non music uses of Max, it’s fascinating how it gets used in all sorts of different areas and shows how versitile and powerful a piece of software it is.

M4_u was a good little conference, again, organisation and experience-wise it could do with taking a leaf out of FOTB, but then this was more academic than I was initially aticipating, however, the chap who’d organised the whole thing… who was he? He did do a great job though.

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