EXPO74 Brooklyn, October 2011 Day 3

(VERY brief notes taken during the conference, written up with video links added Jan 2012)

Ben Houge (videogame music prototyping)
this was interesting up to a point, but the room was so cold due to the air-con, that i had to leave.
Ben patched together a system for looping audio files, which was checking to see if events had happened.
he wasn’t 100% on the ball for a live patching event and audience members kept pointing out where he’d gone wrong or things that should be changed…

Geoff Morris – how to make a max patch someone would use.
This was interesting up to a point, though Geoff had an audience member on stage who seemed to be a beginner and wanted something mega simple, they talked about the way MAX was laid out.
then Geoff opened the session out to the audience and suggested we all share a patch with our neighbor and see if they could use it.
it seemed like a missed opportunity by someone who lacked confidence in public speaking.

Philippe Manoury (first MAX user)
Philippe talked about his history with Miller Pucket and the early days of MAX, which was interesting.
He presented bits of composition work he had done, though the whole thing was very dry and academic.
Though it was an interesting insight, I fell asleep.

Dafna Naphtali
showed how much of a one trick pony she was with her Eventide Harmonizer.
she’d some huge patches to control the thing over MIDI which was interesting, but her music i found boring.
the Riot Grrl thing she did was more like a Riot Mom thing, boring too.

Daito Manabe (!!!)
Daito was amazing, he showed a load of projects he’d worked on most using MAX, some using other stuff too, like Open Frameworks etc.
He talked at length about the thing that had made him famous – facial expression copying via electrical stimulus.
He ended with his latest project which no one wanted to fund, but was visually interesting enough to be used in the background for an advert, so he made his money back from it.
I think he must have a decent amount of money behind him to do this work, as well as a good reputation.

Feedback Panel.
this dragged on a bit, you always get people wanting to talk in a way that is more about them than anything else.
structurally, this panel was more about the software than the conference and would have benefitted from being earlier in the proceedings.

end performance – missed it but went to the pub with mr and mrs kevin – beer!

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