EXPO74 Brooklyn, October 2011 Day 1

(VERY brief notes taken during the conference, written up with video links added Jan 2012)

MAX Expo74 notes:
After registering and collecting my pass & C74 bike bell i met with KH had some food and the conference began…
David Z – shyly introduced the conference.
Joshua Kit Clayton – talked about the new version of MAX

Mattijs Kneppers
Really interesting talk about BIG projects which were not specifically music related.
Talked about EBOMAN who after making some big break beat tunes in the 90s, went on to work with community projects using MAX for live video sampling etc.

Suzanne Thorpe
Ex-Mercury Rev, talked about her projects – such as the rusty ship installation.
Once she started using amplification with her flute, she got into effects and discovered MAX.

Jeremy Bailey
Hilarious video performance artist, talked about the history of video art via his glasses and on-screen presentation, then talked about his own work, which was funny!
Lots of use of jitter and image tracking stuff.


Evening at Columbia Music Center.
This was really interesting, mainly because of the vintage synths there.
They have the RCA Victor – the first programmable synthesiser, along with some equipment from the SF tape music center (a Buchla etc), a stack of oscillators, and other stuff.
There were some performances by various people, Jeff Snyder had created a conductive touch interface which looked amazing, but was $695…!

Gregory Taylor and others performed as an ensemble creating an ambient soundscape thing, which was great too.


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