MFM DPhil Day, 24th June 2011

I couldn’t make it to this years Dphil Day at work as I was booked in to attend workshops at BEAM at Brunel University (see separate post), but was asked by Vicky to provide something as I’d initially said I would set up some work.
So after a bit of sorting, I got the following stuff organised:




CC popped in for a short while and took a few pictures for me too:

As you can see, I decided it’d be a good idea to display the Dreamachine to be experienced whilst listening to some of my music and sound pieces. I don’t know how well all this went down during the actual day, but PV, SR and KC from work all had a go whilst listening to music and responded really positivley!

Purely for the sake of it, I decided to make the statement a bit hard to read… The background image is made-up from schematics of the Shruthi-1 and Dreamachine plans with text from the Dreamachine plans pasted at the bottom (already posted here).

The statement itself is as follows: Through an exploration of the past, present and future of DIY Electronic music, this practice-led work investigates how such artefacts are to be created and distributed in the digital age.
Presented today is my work-in-progress blog ( where you can look through some of my experiments and thoughts from the last two years.
Through the blog you will find some of the sound pieces I have made using a combination of vintage analog synths and machines I have built.
Please experience my sound pieces whilst using the Dreamachine.
Dreamachine use:
Wear headphones to listen to sound pieces.
Face the Dreamachine with your eyes closed.
Move your face close to the spinning cylinder, allow shapes to form on your eyelids.

I had a great time at BEAM!


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