BEAM 2011 – Saturday pt 2

The main thing i wanted to attend on Saturday was John Richards Dirty Electronics workshop.
I found out about JR a while ago when he was doing a session at De Montford Uni with Chris Carter, i couldn’t go to it.
So this was an ideal opportunity!
John ran his session differently to Tom Bugs, he started off by getting us all to make some music together in readyness for the final day. I didn’t get involved as i had to leave later in the evening, but it was good to watch.
John talked a bit about the history of these Dirty Electronics pieces and showed various projects he’d made. The Dirty Carter from De Montford, The original Skull version (I bought one) and one he’s done for MUTE Records…!
Have a look here for more info:
We then got soldering and people kind of drifted off once they’d finished building.
Here’s my ltd edition BEAM Synth:

it’s a simple circuit you complete by putting wet fingers across contacts – the beams which are surrounding the fist.
it’s nice!
i’ll make up the Skull version asap and post pics too.
John didn’t go through any soldering techniques and you could see some people really struggled because of this, there was a ‘how-to-solder’ workshop running, but i think it was running in parallel…

BEAM Festival 2011

After Johns session i had a bit of a wander about, looked at the installations and headed home.
Overall, I really enjoyed BEAM, there were more academic related people/things than I’d anticipated, no bad thing because it kicked me into thinking about mine again – which was the purpose.

Thanks to Sarah Nicolls for organising it all!
Hopefully there’ll be another one next year and I can try and get involved more…
her blog:
and her website:

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