BEAM 2011 – Tom Bugs WOM Workshop

Had a great session at BEAM today!
Made the Tom Bugs WOM – Workshop Oscillator Machine.
Here’s the workshop link (again).

Tom was great! He led the workshop in a really interesting and entertaining way –
He went through the basics of how the WOM worked, talking to us about what the different components were for and what they did.
He then talked to us about hwo to solder and let us get on with building.
As he says, the kits are really straigh forward, the BOM is clear and you can match all the parts up with the board just by being logical.
I got mine finished nice a quickly, then helped the chap I was sat next to.

Its a fun sounding machine on its own, the little speaker is ok for testing and the contact points along the bottom of the board are a laugh!
I really like how the ‘power starve’ works, to a certain extent it simulates the battery going flat, there’s also a ‘stabilser’ option for it.
The little postcard sized machine sounds really beefy through a PA too, so once i get home i’ll have to add it to my other gear and see what i can make of it.

Tom had also brought along one of his modular systems, so I had a go on it and made a load of crap…
‘need more practice with those things.

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