…wondering about cv > midi

in a spare moment i was looking at my music machines and thought about how little i actually have used the Shruthi-1 i made, which is a shame.
i don’t use it because it needs midi to control it.
i don’t use midi.
so how can i go about getting some use out of it..?
i can play about with it via MAX and the Monome things i was playing with from Stretta.
but that really involves a computer, i don’t want to use a computer.
i don’t have a midi seq or controller keyboard.
i have analog stuff.
some of which sends out cv/gate info.
so i after a google hunt for cv to midi convertors, found this:
it’s made using similar stuff to the Arduino – code in a chip.
i don’t like the code side of things, but this is a little diy project that could do what i want and would be quite interesting and relativley cheap to make.
i could send cv info out of my 101 or 202, OR, when i have finished it, my Klee…
here’s a link to a post on muffs where someone has built one of these Miduinos anyway:
and here’s his video from the same link (just so this post isn’t just all text):

what the Miduino project allows for is a reprogrammable midi interface.
all you need to do is send the chip different code and the unit will operate in a different way.
i guess, of course, you would need different hardware configurations, but essentailly that’s the bottom line.
also, i found out about the Minicommand project which works in a similar way, so here’s a link:
and here’s a video:
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hZIngcKwcQI%5D

finally, i should probably look through the videos which appear in this youtube search:

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