busy but got the mac to do some processing for me ;)

managed to get round to making one of these 800% stretch tracks…
this: http://youtu.be/QspuCt1FM9M Justin Bieber track stretched to 800% is amazing, i got an email sent to me about it around august last year.
so here’s my take on the paulstretch approach:

i used paulstretch from here: http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/
i have an hour long version of the track on my hd, for the youtube version i downloaded the video and popped it on the timeline in FCP, stertched it out to match the fully stretched version. then just chopped out a bit to export.
happy days!
the Bieber one has had over 1 million hits in about 6 months, mine got 150+ in 36 hours, so that was interesting.
i uploaded it to the paulstretch soundcloud group too:


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