quick midi grumble/a happy ending

i don’t like midi.
maybe i’m doing something wrong, but i just don’t like it.
i’ve been looking at MAX to start making something to control my shruti-1. i must be too tired or something because i can’t muster up any enthusiasm. it’s making me dislike the shruti too.
i always forget about it, but i bought it especially because it works like old step sequencers, ones i like to use.
i have had it set up with my kenton control freak and controlled note on the sh09 via the mpu101.
so really, i should think about hooking up midi>din sync controlling 808/303/606/202 and shuffle box, while i get numerology talking to 101/09/pvSynth via the mpu101. and try and use the kenton just for the sake of it.
i could even try and use the monome in there too, somewhere…
monome+numerology(plus MAX)
ok, ‘need to look through jimfive12’s videos and get back into numerology…
tutorials here:
and some more stuff on youtube:
here’s a pic to jazz things up too:

‘feel better about this now.

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