a handful of books and why i should read them. pt#2

here’s part two of my current book list…
#5 – diy: the rise of lo-fi culture – amy spencer

probably a good idea to get this read… should give me a history and a bit of a broad contextualisation of what people are up to in the world of diy.

#6 – handmade electronic music – nicolas collins

this one is a bit of a handbook, really. i have made a start on it and also found that some stuff i had done years ago just through messing around:
contact mics = done
circuit sniffing = done in ’93 for my BA, went in the back of a fully powered-up tv with about 6 telephone-coil pic-up mics from craplins, i do remember getting a little bit of a shock at one point, well, i was left feeling a bit odd after touching the back of the tube. anyway, i had the mics mixed and fed into my re201 space echo and kept pitching the sound up and down with the speed/tape transport knob. ‘probably still got the cassette somewhere at my mums, so i’ll try and find it next time i go up (along with the soundtrack i made for TZ’s exhibition).
if i was a bit more organised, it’d probably be sensible for me to try and do one task a week from this book…

#7 – club cultures – sarah thornton

my era-ish clubbing (i think), so it should be an interesting read.
will probably be a bit of a cultural studies mission too – unknown territory…

right, that’ll do for now.

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