Shruthi-1 correctly built and an example :)

i finally sorted out the issues with my Shruthi-1 (i had soldered some resitors in to the wrong places… see previous posts), so i could finish off the tuning and hook it up to something other than the faulty midi controller kbd from work.
this is the first step for me to control the machine through MAX.
the audio midi set-up was ok, i just had to think back a few years to the last time i bothered with midi…
then, after having a look at some midi patches in MAX, came across this scaler.maxpat in the ‘max tricks’ folder.

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  1. […] good. though i suppose in the meantime i made a few other things (WSG, Shufflebox, APC, Dronelab, Shruthi-1). anyway, i have made a few posts here [e-m about 3/4 way down: […]

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