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Shruthi-1 with MAX controller by EATYone

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here’s a quick video of my first test with EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta interface.
running from my mac via midisport 2×2 into mutable instruments Shruthi-1.
it allows for control over all the audio editing parameters.
signal from the Shruthi-1 is running through my Roland RE201 Space Echo too.

here’s a follow-up vid where i got a bit of a track together:

First test where i managed to get Numerology running my Shruthi-1 and sending a MIDI clock signal out through my phil rees MDS MIDI to DIN Sync24 controlling the Roland TR808 and TB303.
There’s a little bit of effects via a Roland RE201 Space Echo and Roland SBF 325 Flanger Chorus.
The Shruthi-1’s audio settings are controlled via EATYone’s Shruthi1CCBeta MAX patch.
Next step for me is to get my Kenton Control Freak controlling the MAX patch…

here’s the mutable instruments forum thread where the MAX patch came from:



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continuing on from this post:
and after a really good chat with NC yesterday about my work, and things i’m interested in, i’m going to make more of these tribute soundscapes.
we talked about getting some conf/estival proposals together (need to do one on monday), and went through various things i’d been doing. the video above came up as a ‘oh, yeah, i’ve been doing this as well..’ comment.
i keep on buying old sci-fi art related books and just re-visited this website for sci-fi art:
there’s a couple of flickr related streams from sci-fi-o-rama too:
kieran kelly has good taste!
i’ll create another one or two of these sci-fi-scapes and pass them on to him, using some images from either his collection or my own as source inspiration.

oh, and here’s the penguin book/lp cover remixes that i forgot about from a while ago:
and here’s a flickr group with some good stuff:

i need to come up with some kind of title for the project work i am on with, so after a bit of brain exploring, hunting online, looking at my books and dvds, etc etc etc…
i have come up with an interim title: Beyond The Space Worm.
i think it sounds like it’s straight out of a Gatchaman episode!!!
but it also reminds me of Dune and other stuff.
this stuff by Bruce Pennington comes to mind (as he did the cover art for the Dune books i have somewhere)

a little bit more Stretta…

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just need to add a few more pages i found regarding Stretta before i write something a bit more substantial.
looking for a fake monome controller (within MAX):
monome emulator:
launchpad and polygome:
various monome apps:

Shruthi-1 learning how it works #2

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quick post:

have been playing with the sequencer in the shruthi-1, and realised my jx-3p was (basic) midi too.
followed more of the ref manual on mutable instruments, then had a look through some other pages on there…
someone was looking at selling some stuff, namely an arduinome and pointed out a couple of monome apps that were usable with the shruthi-1.
i tried polygome, made by stretta:
from here:
monome forum discussion:
one more:
it sounded great running the shruthi-1 in mono mode, but i realised it’d do poly too, so hooked up the jx-3p…
i’ll be making a video, but in the meantime:

shruthi-1 snooping

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been having a look on the forum (home of the klee seq) for posts related to the shruthi-1 and found a couple, here’s one…
one post in particular mentioned following developement on another forum, so i went and had a look:
now having a read.
this is also made by olivier:
so it’s nice to get a bit of background/context

a quick find… SuONOIO synth + digital album

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just having a quick look through the Shruthi-1 forum and came across this:

its a mini loop crushing synth which takes samples from an album and allows you to mess with them.
there’s some modular element with mini patching ability too…
found it here:
website 001 here:
blog here:

interesting because it’s doing what i was thinking about: it’s an ‘album’ of some sort with an additional ‘thing’ which allows the buyer a greater level of interaction with the product – a synth.
similar to the gristleism.

quick midi grumble/a happy ending

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i don’t like midi.
maybe i’m doing something wrong, but i just don’t like it.
i’ve been looking at MAX to start making something to control my shruti-1. i must be too tired or something because i can’t muster up any enthusiasm. it’s making me dislike the shruti too.
i always forget about it, but i bought it especially because it works like old step sequencers, ones i like to use.
i have had it set up with my kenton control freak and controlled note on the sh09 via the mpu101.
so really, i should think about hooking up midi>din sync controlling 808/303/606/202 and shuffle box, while i get numerology talking to 101/09/pvSynth via the mpu101. and try and use the kenton just for the sake of it.
i could even try and use the monome in there too, somewhere…
monome+numerology(plus MAX)
ok, ‘need to look through jimfive12’s videos and get back into numerology…
tutorials here:
and some more stuff on youtube:
here’s a pic to jazz things up too:

‘feel better about this now.