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Shruthi-1 – Built!

Posted in creative practice, gear, music with tags , , on 27/10/2010 by sync24

almost all done now, i just need to check the tuning out…
i managed to take the machine along to Gerald at DotWorks who kindly swapped the trimpots around for me – free of charge!
now the machine sounds a bit nicer than before, even without going through the tuning procedure.
bottom of this page:
some forum discussion:
i really need a midi kbd for that, and to get to use the thing properly!
i’ve been reading the instructions this morning about it too, i got the the sequencer section and feel loads better about it now.


borrowed midi kbd from work and got sound, though it seems to be overdriven or distorted and i can’t loose it…
here’s my latest discssion topic on mutable-…


here’s a pic of the engraved panel:


midi controller – urgh…

Posted in creative practice, gear, music with tags on 27/10/2010 by sync24

after reading through info to do with my Shruthi-1 synth, i really think i should get myself a midi controller keyboard…
not something i thought i’d be doing, but wtf.
DD has an oxygen 8 (and another, larger one too…) and reckons they’re ok. they have both the dreaded midi AND usb sockets, so i could hook it up to different things, hardware and software…
yay (not).
anyway, here’s a review for me to read about the oxygen 8 on SOS:
and a load of reviews on harmony central:

Shruthi-1 update

Posted in creative practice, gear with tags , , on 20/10/2010 by sync24

…so i had the trim pot the other way round for the screen, that’s why there was nothing.
wound the trimmer the other way and plugged it all in – happy days!!!
it all works, though i got two trimpots in the wrong places…
…and my desoldering pump is crap so i can’t get them out.
started another post:
//after reading the reply, i’ve decided to leave things as they are, put everything in the case and get to grips with understanding the machine without calibrating it for now.
here’s the filter build and calibration page anyway:
and here’s the instructions for now:

Shruthi-1 build

Posted in creative practice, gear with tags , , , , on 18/10/2010 by sync24

‘spent today making my Shruthi-1 kit.
managed to end up with one spare resistor (?) and the screen doesn’t work.
oh, and i put two trimpots in the wrong places.
and forgot one resistor (which i have added now).
anyway, it does make a noise, but i can’t control anything cos the screen doesn’t show me what i’m doing. argh!
here’s the post on the Shruthi-1 forum:
and i’ll post some pics when i have it in it’s lovely case with the sync24 logo engraved on it!!!!
in the meantime…

klee update

Posted in creative practice, gear with tags , , on 15/10/2010 by sync24

managed to get round to soldering some more stuff onto the two klee boards this eve.
well, a new thing arrived through the post the other day, so i thought i should try and make some progress with one thing before starting on another…
so i have got most parts on that need to go on. there’s some variable stuff that will happen, so i’ll need to explore that properly when the time comes (range control stuff that i’m not 100% on).
in the meantime, i will get the following two links read and they should help me with understanding building it a bit more. (linked to this chap before, looks like he’s finished now though!!!)