so, i’d forgotten about this…
then i got an email yesterday morning informing me that there would be limited number available in a few hours, whilst i was out meeting the fotb people.
cut a long story short, i got one ordered online thru my iPhone on the prom!
here’s the website for it:
it’s a diy, open source/hardware synth, so it’s right up my street.
well, it’s a step in a direction i need to go in.
NC has said i need to think about making some of my own circuits.
well, i think i’ll  struggle at that a bit, so a step toward this, after building various kits, is provided by this one in particular – it’s possible to build your own filter boards!
here’s the available boards (the smr4 comes with the kit):
and here’s a page about your own boards:

here’s a vid anyway:

and here’s some Flickr pics:

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