Gristleizer….Build 2 (not much progress, some parts bought though)

when i bought parts for the Dronelab build ( i got a few bits i needed for this.
i already have a load of resistors and some capacitors, but it’s the main bits, like chips and transistors, that are more specific and which i don’t have. ‘bit of a learning curve to get the right parts online, i managed to buy some huge mega-volt rated caps (ooops#1) and some wierd stepped pots, which are nice but don’t ‘sweep’ like i need (ooops#2).
i’m going to go through everything anyway, and see what else i need and try and get a new order together. i had a quick look on mouser last night and found some bits i need were out (chips), but spotted them on ebay…
anyway, i found a new-ish blog from chris carter about his gristleizer stuff and the other one that you can currently buy here:
and the $99 kit looks tempting from the smashing guitar fellas in the states… but i’ll finish what i started first.

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