dronelab? finished

(bit of a retrospective post session)
I have managed to get the Dronelab finished, finally!
the last bits arrived from Mouser (dial caps and switches), then i realised i’d missed out on picking up a voltage reg cos it wasn’t in the parts list on caspertronics site…. so i got an expensive one from Craplin (Maplin).
i was a little bit anxious about switching it on for the first time but needn’t have worried ‘cos this thing kicked into life and has been doing a top job since!

overall i reckon it took about 5 or 6 hours, i think, to solder together, don’t know how long it took to source and organise all the parts though.
i am mega-chuffed with it though and seriously think it is worth the effort, it can create a good range of sounds, more than i anticipated – together the Tremelo, Distortion and Band Pass Filter stuff makes all the difference (i guess without modding the thing). sounds range from solid thunderous drone to ticky & clicky rhythms.

i will be doing some recordings and will post them asap.
in the meantime…

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  1. […] not good. though i suppose in the meantime i made a few other things (WSG, Shufflebox, APC, Dronelab, Shruthi-1). anyway, i have made a few posts here [e-m about 3/4 way down: […]

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