sarah thornton & subcultures

after a night out to see my leo and milo last night ( with tom, i am having a bit of a read this morning before i go to the record fair…
i’ve got Cybersounds Essays on Virtual Music Culture on the go at the moment and have just come across Sarah Thornton (wikipedia link here too) and her Club Cultures book. Thornton used to run the Media Studies MA at Sussex, so some one at work must remember her, and the library is sure to have her books on the shelves (Subcultures Reader as well as Club Cultures are the two useful for me).
Anyway, here’s some more useful links:
The Social Logic Of Subcultural Capital (from The Subcultures Reader (in Sussex library) @google books)
Club Cultures at
Club Cultures review
Rethinking Subcultural Capital byt Sune Qvotrup Jensen
There’s also a couple of other culture related books I should be checking:
Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture (this is in the library)
Subculture: The Meaning Of Style (so is this)
Discographies: Dance, Music, Culture and the Politics of Sound (on my shelf)
Subcultures: Cultural Histories and Social Practice
Beyond Subculture: Pop, Youth and Identity
After Subcultures: Critical Studies in Contemporary Youth Culture
Post-Subcultures Reader (in the library too)

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