Shufflebox – build

so i though it’d be a good idea to get back into making stuff again as i’ve spent toooo long not getting my research plan sorted out. i also need to get ready to build the Dronelab!!!
so i knocked up the Shufflebox kit i got from here:
kaspar is a nice chap who made the kit and after playing with TechnoBox ( for too long on my iPhone, i really need a bit of swing on REAL machines!!!
i don’t have any build pics and there’s only one pic i’ve taken since, so here you are:

ha ha!! it’s not even the whole thing in the piccy…
anyway, it works fine, i got my 808 shuffling, then my 606.
happy days.
the build was easy, really straightforward, kaspar had even emailed me to let me know about a component swap, the instructions on his website are spot-on and the little thing does its magic with out a worry!!!
i just need to get some kind of house for it (i made a LEGO box for it but it wasn’t right).

2 Responses to “Shufflebox – build”

  1. […] at the risk of doing too much work this evening, i made myself a mini box to put the shufflebox project in. it was the cardboard box for some sony erriKKKson speakers for CCs phone (which i am […]

  2. […] that’s not good. though i suppose in the meantime i made a few other things (WSG, Shufflebox, APC, Dronelab, Shruthi-1). anyway, i have made a few posts here [e-m about 3/4 way down: […]

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