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old skool tracks #2

Posted in music on 29/04/2010 by sync24

and here’s some stuff i did in my first couple of years living in brighton, since 2000,
granstudio[bn3]vol#01 by granstudio


old skool tracks #1

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i set up a Souncloud account for myself and have uploaded a selection of old stuff i made.
here’s my coventry stuff, granstudio[cv1]:
granstudio[cv1] by granstudio

[gran]studio rebuild

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i thought i’d post a couple of studio pics as i’ve been having a move about with it all.
here it is at home, takes up one corner of the bedroom in the flat (all set up, nothing plugged in, so it looks neat):

i have had this set-up since july 09, previously it was all on a table in the opp corner, but that was too imposing in the room.
ffwd to easter 2010 and i thought it’d be a good idea to set up at work, in the foley studio and try and do some recordings over the easter hol.
so here it all is set up:

you can see there’s a few more bits in the 2nd pic…!
anyway, i managed to get a few sessions in, first session was with Tom, had a good acid blast, then made some noise. managed about two hours in there and got it all recorded too.
had two more sessions in there after that, both recorded, mainly noise stuff. one massive problem in there though, is that the air con just recirculates the air in the room, so after an hour or so you are feeling pretty nasty. the most i managed was about 2 hours in one sitting.
i’ll do something with the recordings anyway, i had some fun, and some nice sounds appeared out of it all.
had to take all this down toward the end of the break as i wandered in on a load of MA students standing in the middle of it all looking a bit bemused trying to record a voice-over.
all the kit is back home now and in the process of getting set up again.
here we go (with my two new shelves holding the 727 and 202 for now):

yeah, and i love shitty camera-phone pics, especially from the crappy iPhone!!!

Dronelab (almost) built

Posted in creative practice, gear with tags , on 26/04/2010 by sync24

after building the Shufflebox, i felt ready to get started with the Dronelab.
so here’s a couple of in-progress-pics:

here’s some moody ones using that oldschool camrea app on the iphone:

nice x 2!

pretty close to finishing this now, i had to re-order a few bits via ebay and cancel some Mouser ordered parts.
that said, i’m going to have to wait until mid july i think before the missing switches and pot caps arrive…
i’m itching to get some noise recorded and posted on here:

Shufflebox – build

Posted in creative practice, gear with tags , , , on 21/04/2010 by sync24

so i though it’d be a good idea to get back into making stuff again as i’ve spent toooo long not getting my research plan sorted out. i also need to get ready to build the Dronelab!!!
so i knocked up the Shufflebox kit i got from here:
kaspar is a nice chap who made the kit and after playing with TechnoBox ( for too long on my iPhone, i really need a bit of swing on REAL machines!!!
i don’t have any build pics and there’s only one pic i’ve taken since, so here you are:

ha ha!! it’s not even the whole thing in the piccy…
anyway, it works fine, i got my 808 shuffling, then my 606.
happy days.
the build was easy, really straightforward, kaspar had even emailed me to let me know about a component swap, the instructions on his website are spot-on and the little thing does its magic with out a worry!!!
i just need to get some kind of house for it (i made a LEGO box for it but it wasn’t right).

Graphic Scores

Posted in creative practice, Dr8 work, research on 20/04/2010 by sync24

(blimey, i haven’t posted here for ages…!)

ok, so i’ve been looking at Graphic Scores to go along with my audio work.
i have been keeping up as much as possible with my work since january, ‘been trying to get my research plan sorted out…
almost there.

anyway, Graphical scores…
here’s a couple of interesting websites:
Top blog:
interesting sound art:
collection of graphical scores:
Notations 21 is the start of this for me:
my fave score maker in the above book:

good eh!

i’m going to have a go at some visual stuff too, probably a combination of both still, interpretations or representations, along with some moving stuff, audio-visualisations.