DIY bugCrusher

the other day i posted this:
…this could just go on and on, and on….
so here’s a link of something i should just build:
i need one of these:
so will try n get a smaple for free…
there’s some help here:
as there’s another chip worth grabbing from (as well as the AD781, the AD633 looks good for building ring modulators)

well, i have since blagged a couple of the AD781 Sample and Hold amplifier ics from (handy working at a university) and just need the other chip (40106 Hex Schmitt Trigger) now. whilst i was on the blag at, i asked for the AD633 chip too so i can build some kind of ring mod – this is mentioned by tom bug way down the first link).

i need to think about tubs or boxes to put things in too…

anyway, here’s the board layout:

i guess i could add the parts to a build doo-daa at

update: i think i have all the bits to make this now (jan 29th 2011!), so will be getting started asap.
one thing i haven’t fully understood is how the board works… i thought at first it was strip board, but it’s a different type of protoboard, one with no connected holes. i need to make the connections with wire & solder… that’s new.
here’s some links:;topic=71523.0

One Response to “DIY bugCrusher”

  1. sync24 Says:

    replying to myself regarding the ring mod part of this post:
    this link:
    has some useful circuits for building a ring mod.
    including a strip board layout:
    thanks to skylab76 on the electro-music forum for posting it, and sorry for the hotlinks 😉

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