following up an interview i found with tom bug – more interesting links

after coming across an interview with tom bugz here:
which i think is *really* useful:
he’s talking about DIY synth building as making fixed hardware system, not buying an almost open ended software system with too many possibilities that may be too hard to learn (i have always felt daunted when i start to look at a new software app, especially when i just want to make some noise rather than learn how to set it all up so i can make some noise…)
he’s also talking about the internet being so important for sharing information, which we knew already, it’s good to hear it talked about in relation to this practice though.
finaly, at the end of the brief interview, tom bug states he has had no training, he’s just worked it all out from the internet and books.
he makes and sells modular synth kits…!

so, the beep-glitch blog moved from blogger to wordpress here:
which is a nice little resource (there’s even the DroneLab mentioned, a kit i will be buying)

one of the people responsible for the blog is panetone:
so there’s some more interesting stuff to be found:
and through the for sale link i found a link for crackle box schems:

another page about tom bugs:
live review:

…this could just go on and on, and on….
so here’s a link of something i should just build:
i need one of these:
so will try n get a smaple for free…
there’s some help here:
as there’s another chip work grabbing from (as well as the AD781, the AD633 looks good for building ring modulators)


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