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to keep me grounded: The Museum of Techno

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Gristleism MODS

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Gristleizer… build!

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here it is then:

i’ve ordered two boards (as you can see from the forum above) and have set up my ‘project’ on

there’s a couple of threads on
Shout out for boards thread:
Build thread:
both are connected with Taylor who has sorted out the board
(along with other threads outlined in a post i put on here a while ago:

here’s Taylor’s board (saved for posterity):

and here’s his pdf build notes:
Gristleizer build notes updated 121709

need to follow up these STEIM links

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some klee links for future ref

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better get these checked through at some point…
all from muffwiggler, here’s the search link:

klee, some help and some parts…

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i’ve emailed two klee builders and popped a new thread on the electro-music forum asking for a bit of help with building the klee.
no response to the forum post as yet, but bruce ( got back to my email and showed me a bbs where he’d posted info about his build here:
i have had a quick look through it and it looks really helpful!
so cheers Bruce!!!
today i have been trying to find parts i need to buy for the klee and the dronelab.
part numbers for and digikey are supplied via so i have been compiling a couple of orders most of today (!!!).
it’s going to be expensive…

[timewarp]atari punk console build[/timewarp]

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ok, so it was January 8th 2010 and i decided to build my second atari punk console…
i had managed to forget about posting my first one on here, which i must have made around october, ooops!
here it is anyway:

here’s the innards – had to cover the metal parts so they didn’t conduct…

i think its a pretty brutal sounding beast, REALLY nasty!
not sure how much i actually like the sound of it, tbh. bloomin easy to put together though.
had a laugh putting it in the tin and wondering why it didn’t work properly…
oh, yeah, solder sitting on metal – that’s going to conduct electricity isn’t it.
so i wrapped it all up in masking tape and all is well.
snip: yep, here’s a post from when i built it:
it seems to switch itself off and back on a again after a short while, i don’t really care though, it has a life of its own.

anyway, the version above uses two 555 timing chips and i wanted to build my next one with the double version of the 555, whatever it’s called…
so below is about as far as i got before term started and things ground to a crawl, again.

i’ll get this finished at some point, i’m sure.
woo, yep, it has an LED on it too!