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Klee front panel

Posted in gear with tags on 18/11/2009 by sync24

my front panel from Bridechamber has arrived,
so i’ve been looking online for some more stuff about the build and found this blog:


vorhaus video…!!!

Posted in gear on 14/11/2009 by sync24

found on chris carters youtube channel (

Chua Oscillator

Posted in creative practice, gear, research on 11/11/2009 by sync24

chua and macbook
slightly modded Chua Osc with finer tune on the preset. so i can see whats going on its connected to signalscope on the lappy.

iphone pic of the screen

more pics
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
screenshots straight from signal scope

more of a success than i thought, so what i think i’ll try next is to mix it up with my atari punk console (which i havent ‘blogged’ about yet…

i thought i’d better note what i’ve done to mod the circuit:
i added a B470ohm pot over the preset T_1 to give me more control over the madness.
i have also tried another B470ohm (and others) over the 220 resistor at 4 on the 2nd gate(?), this adds a sort of volume control, so i can get quite a bit of additional distortion out of it….
chua wiv added control