couple of new finds: sync24 shuffle, mc202 mod, + monome

first of all, a shuffle sync machine for my old roland sync24 stuff:
‘looks pretty much essential!
so i’ll probably go for the DIY kit.

staying with roland and kits:
i reckon it’s about time i started on the modular stuff with what i already own…
my mc202 is probably my least used synth, so treating it to a modular upgrade would give it added appeal!

still connected to roland boxes, i came across, a chap who’s made some crazy expander mods for 606s and 303s. well, i’m not bothered too much that he doesn’t do them anymore, but he does to front panels, and as he’s uk based i could get one sorted cheaply hopefully, for the next synth i make (if i go for the MFOS Sound Lab)

ok. different direction now.
a link for some Monome software:

oh, go on then, a couple more bits:
what drum machines did Big Black use?

Tom Bug – he’s ace!!!

finally, some festival that looked reasonable in Cov…

WSG mods and DIY sequencers:


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