Atari Punk Console stuff

ok, after the joy of the WSG build i want to try a simpler build that doesn’t rely on buying a load of stuff from the states etc…
the Atari Punk Console looks perfect for this and i have a load of the correct IC chips from that teach yerself lectronics kit i bought and got bored of… it was a good purchase, just the projects are a bit dull, but as a starter kit of bits its ok.
anyway, here’s some links that i need to sift through to work out the best way of tackling things: (has some god links on this page too)
here it gets back toward kits, but there’s some videos showing good stuff:
more vids:

i’ve found a forum thread with a post showing the 2x 555 ic chip layout… i knew i didn’t have to much more than search for a while…

edit 8><

22nd oct.
made up a breadboard and ordered some potentiometers to complete it with but i couldn’t get it to work.
so i’m going to start a fresh one over the weekend as i have found some more links for a build… hopefully one i can make work.
the strip board layout on this page should be do-able:

woo, hotlink… hope i don’t get goatse’d…!

here’s some more links:


edit, 22Oct
managed to get some noise out of my APC this eve, ‘will do more and post more about that in due course.
anyway, i’ve been looking, again, on tinternet and found on ebay that Steve Stoll, US techno chap, makes and sells his own versions of APCs and some other guitar stomp box style things…
ebay: properboy
myspace: steve stoll

more (and i’ve almost had enough of the APC…): (this fella is partly the reason i’ve had enough, he’s doing a work shop somewhere in london and charging £130 for places.)

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