on sunday (4th oct), Tom M. took me to visit a mate of his who he’d mentioned a few times before who has ‘a table full of a load of mad gadgets’.
well, he did, and he and his partner were really nice too – they made a wicked spicy pasta lunch!

Dave Ross had some fantastic noise boxes hooked up to some Moog Murf filters and other stuff.
the main noise boxes (three of them), crowphonics quad things, were prototypes from Crowphonics who is now making the CRO-01, which i am really tempted by.
i played around with one hooked into a Moog Bass Murf, a pedal i’d seen before, but didn’t really know anything about…
the Murfs have filters and ‘animations’ which shift the different filtered sound from speaker to speaker in one of 12 patterns creating kind of rhythms. i got it sounding real crazy! clicky and later a bit techno – which i did like but later DR made the comment that i was ready to go modular! something i really appreciated!!!
i told him about the Chua oscillator and said i’d let him know how i get on with any info about it, a bit more digging i guess and i’ll find his email address too…
ok, links:
DR – Twinkle 3 record: http://www.iniitu.net/Twinkle3.htm
crowphonics: http://www.crowphonics.com/
couldn’t resist the stuff here: http://trashaudio.blogspot.com/
which led me here: http://www.analoguehaven.com/
and what about this genius!!!???: http://ericarcher.net/
some of this stuff makes me want to sell all my old Roland gear and get this stuff instead…
as we left, DR mentioned about the Chimera modular synth, a little patchable handheld machine: http://www.chimerasynthesis.com/
its all more food for thought, i’m definatley sold on the modular noise thing. i’d like to get one of the crowphonic machines, i think with what i’ve spend already i cannot justify £200+vat and postage for the chimera… shame, it sounds crazy!
well, they all sound crazy….

oh, and i need to look through the muff forum linked from analogehaven…: http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/
…and here’s some more chaos: http://bleeplabs.com/ – check out the drum machines with their photo cells!!!

four tiny drum machines from ALH84001 on Vimeo.

looks like a fair few people have gone through Handmade Electronic Music by Nicolas Collins

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